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Daily Thread for Sat June something:)

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Hey all...Happy Saturday! Figured I would pop in and say hi since I had a chance. This last week has been like living in the fast lane it seems. It's been one thing after another!!
Last night, Ken got a call from his ex sister in law and it seems his dad is getting much worse. He has been going downhill for some time now. So, he wanted to make sure he had a chance to say goodbye. At the last minute, he got a plane ticket and I took him to the airport at 4 this morning. He is going to spend the weekend with his dad and I will pick him up on Monday.
Last week I had to take Peanut to the vet for his ultrasound. I was not very happy with the process. They went in to check his heart and so the Dr saw nothing wrong in that area. Then she said he has "ugly" lungs. What the hell does that mean?? There is no explanation and nobody bothered to note THAT in the record. So Monday I will be calling to find out what the problem is. It seems to me they should have started to check into that aspect. So, $245.00 (just the ultrasound)later I STILL don't know what's wrong with him.
AHHHHHH...this is just how my week has been going and I am pretty sure I am leading into the weekend the same way. I havnt been on the computer much, I have been home going mental
Hopefully everyone is off to a GREAT weekend and the weather is nice!!
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Hi Sandie!
I am sorry to hear Ken's dad isn't doing well. When you talk to him, please tell him I am praying for his dad, and my thoughts are with both of them. I hope he pulls through.
Also, that would have upset me too, to have the vet just say Peanut's lungs were ugly and no explanation. I hope you find out why he made that comment, and that everything will be okay.

It is going to be a beautiful HOT day here in Iowa. I am thinking about making some homemade strawberry jam later today...we have strawberries coming out our butts now. Hubby thought last year that he needed to plant more, so now it is getting out of hand. Last night he and the kids picked 5 huge mixing bowls full of them, and two days ago he had picked about that many, and there are still tons more out there ready to be picked. We have frozen up alot of them. But we just have way too many. (IMO) Of course we will give alot of them to friends and family as well, but there will still be tons left.
He gets so carried away with planting stuff.

Other than step-daughter starts a new job at Hy-Vee today (that is the local grocery store here) She is starting out bagging groceries. I never knew there was so much involved in just bagging groceries...she has to put the cans in the bottom, and all boxes go on the sides, and no glass containers can be touching each other, and if there is more than one loaf of bread, they have to go in a seperate paper bag, etc...geesh, I would never remember all that if I was in a hurry to get there stuff bagged up.
I think I'll pop over there later today and see how she is doing.

The kittens are all doing well. They sure do love that canned cat food...but they make such a mess...they think they have to have their whole faces into it, and also their feet. :laughing:

Hope everyone has a great day today!
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Sandie, I'm so sorry to hear about Ken's Dad. Thoughts and prayers going his way from Colorado.

Debby, I wish I had paid attention when my grandma made homemade jams and jellies! I wouldn't even attempt to do something like that now! I think I miss chokecherry jelly the most... I haven't had any that's any good since the last batch my grandma made YEARS ago!

Today is our neighborhood-wide garage sale. So everyone has all their junk out. I just hate these things. There are always too many cars going too fast, and people inevitably come to MY door and ask about the little 'wishing well' in my rock garden. You know, if I wanted to sell it I'd hang a freaking sign on it. I have to mow the lawn today, too..... I hate to have to go out there in shorts and show off my beautiful winter white legs to the world, but I'm certainly not going to wear jeans!

Spawn has been a terror lately. She tries to sleep all day so she can stay up at night and keep us awake. I'm not sure what to do with her. I keep telling her I'm going to trade her in for a NICE cat, but she knows I never would. I like the abuse too much, I guess!

I hope everyone has a nice day today!
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Sandie, I will pray for Ken's family. As for Peanut's vet? I honestly think we have let all of the medical community intimidate us too long! WE are paying them, so we should have every question answered. Oh, yes, they are busy, because someone else is waiting to see them at a mimimum of $50 a pop! I insist on having my questions answered. Otherwise, why go? God bless the vets and doctors who know not only how to treat the patient's problem, but how to treat the people's concerns!

Debbie, please excuse the picture I have of you, your family, your strawberries, and your butts. Enough said. (As I try to muffle the laughter!)
Jin, jam is super easy, just mashed fruit, sugar, and certo. Other than that, you need to sterilize jars and pour wax. I used to make it just for fun. I loved to hear people say how good it was! Check the Surejell or Certo labels or any big cookbook for exact amounts. Try it! You know, we women can't let the men know that these exotic things we make are easy, so keep this info to yourself!
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Jeanie, I guess the mental image of strawberries coming out our butts IS kinda funny. :LOL:

The jam I am going to make is a freezer jam...even easier than canning it. No boiling water bath!

Jin....have fun mowing the yard...:tounge2: I am stepson is mowing ours as we speak...err type.
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Sandie I am sorry to hear about the Ken's dad. The family will be in my prayers today. I am also sorry to hear about Peanut. That little brave heart has gone through so much with his health. He is quite the fighter!

I have to laugh, I am sitting downstairs at the computer and I can hear Mckenzie romping above me in the cat room. This morning I put up the baby gate at the top of the stairs and opened up the cupboard doors so the kitties can begin to explore. They have two wide rooms to play in and although they are still small, they were trying to get out of the closet yesterday. With the gate up, they won't be tumbling down the stairs anytime soon. Macbeth is getting stronger daily and it does my heart good to see her up and around.

Hey Debby when you are done with your strawberries, you can come over here and help me put up blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries and grapes. Our bushes are packed full of blossoms so it will be awhile before the actual fruit appears so you can have your baby first.....*G*

Well it is raining here and I have a messy house calling my name. Have a good day all
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Sandie, I'm sorry to hear about Ken's dad too. So far, the temperature here is comfortable, it's about 72 degrees right now, but it's humid and they're predicting thunderstorms.

There's a big event scheduled for my neighborhood too today. One of our neighbors was a pack-rat and all his things are being sold at an auction. My son spent about three days helping the auctioneer get everything organized and ready and he tells me that this will be a very big and very l-o-n-g auction. I have to go, Snowball's letting me know he needs some playtime.

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Lorie, That cat moving across the screen is adorable!! How did you do that? Sorry you're having wet, miserable weather. We are finally going to get about five great days in a row. I hope to get some flowers for hanging baskets tomorrow. I love warm weather! I love flowers!
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Hot, hot, hot. Bill and I went to Home Depot, for a big sale on charcoal. Came home with 40 lbs. of charcoal, bug spray and a new mister system, for the patio. I won $50 on a scratch ticket. That will buy Bill a nice Fathers' Day present. Its 101, right now and we haven't gotten to the hottest part of the day. Rowdy and Ike don't seem to be affected - they're wrestling. Have a good weekend, everyone and try to stay cool!
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I love warm weather and flowers too. The thunderstorm we were supposed to get must have blown over us because it has turned out to be a really nice day after all.

The little animated cat on the bottom of my earlier post is from this site. One of the other members here shared that link with us a few months ago and there are about 56 pages of animated cats. The cat I have on the bottom of my post is from page 9. I copy the URL of the image, come back here and paste it. If you have problems with copying and pasting, there is also a way of manually doing this. Write down the exact URL of the image you want, come back here and type it where you want the image to appear. You would have to enclose the URL with the image brackets which would also be typed in manually. Click on preview reply and you should see your image.

Have a nice day!!!
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Thanks, Lorie! I'll try that!
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You've almost got it!!!! Type IMG at the beginning of the link and type /IMG at the end of the link. Enclose these in square brackets and it will look like this:
[IMG] [/IMG]

I had to leave spaces so I could show you, but don't leave any spaces when you type it. The second link in your post looks good, try it there, hopefully, an image will appear. (all my fingers are crossed)!!!
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I've tried this, three times and can't get it to work. I type in the URL but, when the post comes up, the entire URL doesn't show. I know that I'm a computer dummy but, I CAN follow simple directions.
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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing2 :LOL: :LOL: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: I did it! IT worked! LORIE is a genius!! Do what Lorie told me to do, Cindy! It worked!!Yea!! I did it!!!!

Cindy, I copied it three times. As you can see, only one of the addresses came out correctly. Try it several times.
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Hi again all! I talked to Ken when he got to AZ and told him you were all sending well wishes. The hard part is that he pretty much went to say goodbye. His dad is in his 70's and years ago it started with prostate cancer. Over time, he has had several other problems, but now the cancer has spread though his body. I don't think it will be too long before the 3 of us will be going
It was a beautiful day here. It was in the 70's and the sun was shining. I ended up giving Mr. Mischief his bath and blow dry, cleaned up the house, did the laundry, mowed the yards, washed the car and went to the store. I had a few friends stop by to see the kittens and we had dinner. I am so tired I am getting giddy. I have been up since 3am. I never did take a nap. I think I will end up in bed
Sounds like everyone is in a good mood today...That's great!!
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Hi everyone. I jumping in late today. :tounge2: I got my hair highlighted today and I went to my brother's highschool graduation party. That was pretty fun. I got so see my relatives and some family friends. Now I'm getting some laundry done and trying to get some cleaning done before I go to bed.

Debby-I know what you mean about strawberries coming out of no where and growing so fast. We grew them when I was younger and they spread like a wild fire! At least theres plenty for all.
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My internet connect was disrupted last night so I've just now come back. It's wonderful that you were able to get the animated cat on your post!!!
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I have to try this...but I will delete this post if it doesn't work....

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OMG! I did it! Yaaaaay!!! I followed Lorie's directions and there is the walking cat!
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That's wonderful Debby!!!
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Thanks Lorie

I forgot to add...Sandie, please keep us posted on how Ken's dad is doing...I may not be online for a couple days but I will try to check.
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