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Our daily thread for Monday, March 26

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Hello all! I thought I'd start the thread for today because I am feeling chatty.

My husband left for the field today and will be gone for awhile. i am very lucky to be developing some great friendships with people who will help keep me company.

I am still cleaning up from our break-in, but as soon as we have the new locks, everything will be A-OK .

I think I will be bringing a new cat home today. My friend Ellen has been fostering him. We met him on Saturday, and he is a little lump of gray-boy love. The best part is that he LOVES men! He'll snuggle up with John when he returns.

Have a lovely day and count your blessings. I do, and it makes me happier!
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It was supposed to rain today, but so far, it looks gorgeous. One of my cats is in the sick room. She is one of my ferals, and she tangled with something long of tooth. I cleaned the puncture wounds, she was not a happy camper and I almost got bit!

This morning when I went to check on her, she ran from me, so I spent a good hour trying to calm her, then I had to mess with her wounds- don't want them to abscess, so now she is mad at me again......sigh.... Her fever is down, and she is on antibiotics, but she is clearly not happy being confined. Good thing we have an old couch upstairs, because she is doing a lot of anxiety shredding.

Today, I will go play with my horses, instead of training them- do a little bit of bomb-proofing by sacking them out- and try to do some work on our property.Of course, the way the weatherman have been lately, it will probably rain after all!
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My husband woke me up at 5:30 this morning. He said wake up! There is snow on the ground! I said noway! But there was/is. It has been snowing for about 5 hours now. It stopped about 15 mins ago though and is beginning to melt.
I love snow! I cant believe that it snowed though. We are in Oklahoma you know lol. I entered my 2nd Trimester today!
I feel great and I think I will do some house cleaning today. Have a good day!
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Congrats Gimpy on entering your 2nd. Trimester. And you have SNOW? Wow! It's sunny and near 70 here. Of course, only perhaps once in a few decades do we get a few inches that actually stick and then every bridge in this city closes because NOONE in Florida knows how to drive in snow.

Well, I didn't go to sleep til' nearly 5am and had to get up at 8am to run to my Dr., who is very close, because of ear problems and chest pains (lest I wanted to wait til' April 5th when the next available appointment was). He said the chest pains are the muscles and not a heart problem (Thank God!). But, he said the shortness of breath was because of smoking and he wants me to stop by tomorrow to pick up some pills and I guess I'm going to attempt to stop for the 3rd serious time in 2 years (I went 8 days last time before breaking).

I came home and went to my room and both my kitties were asleep on the bed, so I went back to bed. Well, its now 3:30 pm and I just woke up. Well, I have to leave for work in an hour anyway.

Well, everyone have a wonderful evening and I'll talk to you soon!
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Hi everyone!

It's getting late over here and hubby wants to call it a night... so I won't be long here.

It's been a wonderful day of sunshine :sunshine: again! Worked all day and then went to see a movie with my in-laws. It was a great movie! It's called Billy Eliot (sp?) and I don't know if it shows in the States yet. When it does - go see it! It's one of those uplifting movies and very well done.

Must go - have a great day and I promise to catch up tomorow!
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It sounds like everyone is off to a good Monday!!
Meghan, congrats on the new addition.
Hissy, I am glad you didnt get bit (ouch teeth hurt)
Gimpy..you made it to 2nd..here on out will be easy!!
Meowman, I am glad it was just muscles!! I will cross my fingers for you on the smoking..no way I could quit right now!!
Anne, please send some sun and warmth this way!!!
My day started at 530 as well. I had to get up and get ready for work. UGH, the Army had an inspection today, so I had a Top and a Col there ALL day. I even had to wear my really nice dress cloths!! They were there from 9am till 2pm. It looked like the sun was going to peek out this morning, but wouldnt you know it...at 2 the snow started falling and it got wet and icky. So now I am going to relax, re heat some mexican food I made last night and enjoy my Mon night. Things shouldnt get too busy here until Wed!!!
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I am going to pick up our new addition now. I'll let you know how Fergus takes it!!!
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Good evening all!

I had to go back to work after a good spring break. 5:30 came much earlier than usual this morning! Tossed and turned most of the night, because I was all off the work-sleep routine. My 2 eyes must look like Marty Feldman's by this point.

Got to do the "class and a half" today, as one of the people I team teach with wasn't feeling well, so the other 2 of us split her class. That is always a joy. Paybacks are coming, because I am taking a half-day on Wednesday to meet with the home inspector on the new place.

Rounded out the day with a bomb scare right in the middle of my lunch, which is becoming a common place occurance in our school district over the past month. Well, at least the day was cut short!

Gimpy: congrats on 2nd trimester. This part is good.

Meghan: how's the new one? Now, what does Fergus think?

MeowMan: Fingers crossed on the smoking issue.
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Well, I think it is going well. The new fella is a gray male neutered stray. He actually looks a little like a Russian Blue, so we are going to give him some sort of Russian name.

The Gray Boy is bigger than Fergus, who is small and lithe. They are both playing volleyball with one of our cat toys, so things are better now. I think they are both the same age, or very close to it. They are very interested in one another, but there is some hissing & swatting.

When I go to work tomorrow, I will put them in separate rooms. I think this is going to work!
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It sounds like everything is going to work out good so far! You just brought the new one home tonight and they havnt torn each other up and nobody is hiding!! I am sure you will know by morning if they are going to be best buds or its going to take some time. I bet they are going to enjoy each others company when nobody is home. God, I can remember when I only had 2 in the house
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Congrats on the new baby. It sounds like things are going well. We still have "hissy fits" occasionally at our house. I think that is just a natural part of a multi-cat household. Just like people, the cats sometimes get upset with one and other and instead of talking like people, cats show their displeasure with a hiss. Maybe people ought to try that- it would certainly put a stop to any fighting? Can you imagine someones reaction if you hissed at them the next time you had a confrontation?LOL
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Well....I, for one, would be hissing a lot......
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