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My little Hudindis

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Buddha and Habusaki are going to be 8 weeks old this friday and they keep escaping out of my room and every other room i put them in.is it ok if they just run around the house now? i keep bathrooms and kitchens and all other rooms closed so the only rooms they can get in are either mine, my moms (they like under her bead) or the living room. they are in my room at night though. is this ok?
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I am not by any means an expert, but my kitty was 8 weeks on the 3rd, and she has the run of the house now. Since the day she was litter trained we let her have the run. Well, except in my room, which is a mess, and not quite kitten proofed yet. I don't see a problem with letting her out if she's using the litter box, but I defer to the more experienced.
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if litter traine also kitten proof room i dont see why not...
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yeah they are both litter trained. ok i'll just move their litter box down here. do you think if i left it upstairs they would go to it up there?
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