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Daily thread 6th June

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Morning all! How are we all? I'm still off work so enjoying some chill out time with my babies, it's great!
Mark has a job interview today so everything crossed for that
I'm just watching 'this morning' and Damon Hill and his wife are on speaking about their son who has downs syndrome, and it's lovely how he leads such a full life. It's making me smile to watch!
I'm looking forward to my birthday, my Mum is going to do a BBQ for me at night and then I'm off out with my friends! I love birthdays
Have a great day everybody!
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I love birthdays too. They're the best!

Well Im off to work for 8 hours. yuck! At least it's not my usual 14 hours. That makes me happy.

So mostly just work and cleaning the house today. boy oh boy!
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I am up having coffee before I am off to work. I have 2 appointments early today, then nothing. If it stops raining, I might mark out the rest of the day and take a motorcycle ride to the beach. Pepper is watching me intently as I type, like she has somethig to say. I wonder what is going on inside that little fuzzy head!
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Good morning everyone!!, just getting ready to start my day of work...and I have my interview tomorrow....looks like I'll be too busy during the day to worry about it though!

Have a great day everyone!
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Good Morning all!! It has been a busy one thus far. I have a lot of work to do once again. I don't know if I am liking being busy or not. It keeps me away from TCS!! But it also makes the day go by so much faster!!!

Good luck with the interview to Mark!!
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Its my Mums birthday today, i drew her a little poster, and gave her a candle as a present,
Will go and get her some flowers later
T&K have gone crazy today, i literally have a horrible sleep pattern and its giving me a headache
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Good morning.

Seems like today wont be a great day. I first woke up at 2am feeling terrible. I had nausea and my throat was really yucky. Now it's 9am and I'm up again. The nausea is gone but my throat still feels terrible.

I think I'm gonna go back to bed for a while.

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Good Morning Everyone!
I found out my older sister is pregnant...I'm very happy for her, she has been trying for so long and had so many female complications. So this makes me officially the only one in my family that doesn't have a child. And I'm kinda sad about it, although I'm thrilled for her, she really deserves a child and would make a great mother. Aside from that, the sun is shining, the weather is cool, not cold, not hot, and it's a beautiful day.

My aunt is coming over tonight, she lives in FL and is in Philly on business. She is my mom's baby sister and is only 39 or 40, and she was always "the cool aunt". I am making dinner then we are gonna go have a few drinks on Main St (the hip up scale strip in my neighborhood with cool little indoor/outdoor cafes/bars/restaurants/shops). So that should be fun. I'm really excited about getting to see her, we were closer when I was younger and I miss her. So that's it! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!
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Hello! Long time no DT for me..

It is beautiful outside today and although I woke up early I just curled up in my blankets and lounged around until I was almost late. I'm at work right now but the boss is gone this week so it's a lazier week than normal

After work I have to go to the dr (pap of the beast).. which is always fun.. Other than that I have no real plans. One of my friends had a baby a couple weeks ago and she's supposed to bring him out but I don't know that she will.

Everyone have a great day!
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Well its raining lightly now but the Natl Weather Service is predicting severe thinderstorm, wind hail etc this afternoon. I did power weeding in the raspberry path at 6:30 this am which took a bit over one hour!!!
Then hopped in truck, picked up bark mulch and one shrub and planted and spread the mulch in the rain. I wanted to get this done before the heavier rains later today.
So I might paint my bulleting board frame, do some much needed cleaning in the house and read my latest novel for the rest of the day!!
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Just got off work ( 9 hours again! working sucks!) but at least I have income to spoil my cats I guess! It's my new way to look at it for now. It keeps me sane and happy.

I just wish I could have some vacation time! I'm tired and burned out. (or at least more days off in a row like the weekend I just had, that was nice)

Oh well, everyone have a great week.
Tomorrow I work again! So I might not be on.
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Today I went to see The Omen and spent lots of lovey time with Conner. I am now enjoying relaxing with some great Sinatra! Wonderful! Oh...oops, it's not tuesday anymore, oh well. Good night!
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