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simba just desexed

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i just got simba back from the vet, he looks so so so tired and sad.. i feel so sorry for him =( he even peed in my brother's blanket!

i dunno what to offer him and what to do to him, he looks in so much pain
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I am assuming you got him back the same day. If so a lot of what you are seeing is the lingering effects of the anesthetic. If he is a kitten it won't be long before he is completely back to normal, if he is an adult it may take a bit longer but he will still be back to his old self very soon.
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Aw bless him. He'll be fine in no time. I'm getting my boy done on friday and must say I'm looking forward to him being a bit tired afterwards! It will make a welcome change
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my vet won't let you take the cat home the same day...they want to monitor over night to make sure she's eating/pooping etc. But I don't wanna leave her!!! I'll be a wreck the whole time.... she's getting done next month.
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He should be fine give him a bit of time to get over the anaethetic and he will be up an about
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Awww... he's going to be okay. Think if you went through what he went through. You'd be a bit off too! Give him a few days he'll be okay.
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thanks everyone!! simba is good now =) hes sitting on my lap atm purring hehe
watching me study for my exams.. he looks like hes gonna fall asleep haha
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thats a good thing that you got him fixed! now he wont be jumping around that much anymore. I am proud of you!!! good luck. He is now going to be a nice boy.LOL. I wish you happy years!!!!!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
I'll be a wreck the whole time.... she's getting done next month.
Scratch just got done yesterday morning; she was gone from Monday morning to this morning, and I was a wreck the whole time!
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sorry to hijack... but Moz can't get PM's...

Hi ! I am so sorry you & your baby had to go through all of that! But congratulations on getting her spayed! I am really dreading having to leave my LuckyGirl, she was semi-feral till 2 mos ago, and I'm so afraid she'll think we left her and not understand what's going on. She has completely taken over my life and my heart... and I could just cry thinking about everything she has had to go through so far... Your little Scratch is so pretty! I love the pic in your sig where the sunshine is coming down on her little face! So adorable!

See you on the forums! (I'm a total TCS addict! )
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