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cat won't come out of Kitchen cabinets!!

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Hey if anyone has some advice I could sure use it. I've read alot of other forums and I feel this situation is a little unique.
A friend of mine had a beautiful cat white w/ orange show up in her trailor about 6 weeks ago. I would guess the cat is probably about 6 months old but really I'm clueless. I've not had a cat ever till last year now this will be number 3. Anyhow the cat she said never came out of the bedroom but to eat. My friend moved and she couldn't catch the cat. She left her place for us to sell. She left lots of food and water and a litter box for the cat. Well the day after she left my husband and I went in we couldn't leave her. I got bit and scratch and he got scratch but we managed to catch her and put her in a small kennel. We took her home. We have a male neutered cat 2 yrs old we found outside but is more like a dog than a cat...no joke. Then another one female we adopted from a shelter and is about 1 yr also spayed. We brought the new cat in the house and just opened the cage she sat for a while and eventually she was gone. We didn't know where she was for days. There was food and water out because we do have other cats. Finally we found her taking shelter in out kitchen cupboards down below. That was 3 weeks ago. 2 nights ago we forced the issue and forced her to come out. I would go put food and water in for her and talk and pet her but she wouldn't eat in front of me or anything. So we forced the issue she drew blood again but my husband just held her tight. Then I took some tuna and she started eating it right from my hand. She relaxed and ate and ate. Then he passed her to me and she was great. I love her and don't want to get rid. I took her to my room and she sat on the bed and let me pet her and then she ran off (underbed) I left her alone and woke up at 1am to a cat fight.I haven't tried to pull her out again. I know I'm going about this all wrong. Please help what do I do. I know I'd probably better get her checked for disease since now my husband and i have both been bit. I do have 2 kids 5 and 7yrs. She don't attack though unless she feels threatened and she hides so well they can't find her 99% of the time. What should I do??? I don't have any back ground for the cat dont know how old she is or really anything. The 2 cats I have are just great never had to do anything but feed them clean litter and love them. Help!!!!

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she might be hidding cause she is scared and unsure of what is around her I would give her some time by herself and she may come around.She might also be scared of your other two cats. It all depends on what could have happen in the cats past. She could have gotten into a bad cat fight you can never tell.I would keep her away from your other two just incase she does have something. Give her a few days and see what happens if it gets worse or your really worried I would take her to the vet and see what he/she says
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Let's move this to our Strays and Feral forum where our experts in this matter will be sure to see it
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Good idea, Stephanie & Sierra's mama. There are so many people here who know an awful lot about all this.
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The secret lies within your post. When you chase her and grab her, she is frightened and bites you. When you hold out your hand with tuna in it, she comes to you and eats out of your hand.

Warn the kids to ignore her. Not to be afraid of her, but not to try to pet her at all.

Whichever room she is in, let that be her room. Pick up all the food, but leave water down. Since you know she is willing to come to your hand to food, that is where you start. Feed your kitties twice a day, then pick up their food. Feed her twice a day, but only in your presence. Put the bowl of food a few feet from you, and sit or lay on the floor nearby. If you can do it at the same time each day, that will be best for kitty.

Cats are animals of prey. If they are being chased, they feel very threatened. Have you ever walked up to your tame kitty as it is walking...usually they run off. But if you turn and walk away from them, often they will follow you. This is the underlying principle to tame your new kitty. Do not go towards her...encourage her to come to you. First for food, then for playing with string toys. (I always say you can't be scared and playful at the same time!) Finally she comes to you for petting and love.

I tamed several wild kittens by having them eat out of my hand. Your kitty may never become a loveable lap cat, but she can progress to where she loves and trusts you, and doesn't run in fear of the family members. My shyest kitty Jasmine is the one where I feel honored to be allowed to pet her! It will be worth the time you spend!!!
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