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Feline Distemper in the new household???

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Hello everyone,

My name is James Clark, I have been a cat owner for two years. I for one never believed in taking my pets to the vet, until this week.

Please if your sensitive to a subject like this I recommend you not reading it.

My cat for one year had a litter of kittens and they were as healthy as ever, until they started getting sicker and sicker. My Cat was never sick in her life till Monday, when she stumbled out of the room on her two front paws. We took her to the vet which he thought was the first sign of rabies. So, she was placed into intensive care. She died 3 hours later. Before I brought the kittens home, I had them started on their boosters, (Worming and Distemper) Well, next thing I know...later that day that Kitten one, was found laying over on its side and not moving at all. Then it passed away, next Kitten 2 died in its sleep. So, I grabbed up both kittens and gave them a bath and also placed them in a box with new food and litter. So far, 3 of my friends have died. and also I bought Lysol and sprayed it everywhere the kittens have been, the two that are still alive and kicking, are playing and everything.

One lesson I learned was to trust the vets. Next, is to start getting there shots.

My question is, did I do the right thing by spraying the areas with lysol? If so, "Phew!" If not, what should I do to make sure this doesn't get a hold of future kittens?

This is the first time I have ever encountered this.

Thanks everyone for reading, you guys and gals have a great website!

Thanks again
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Hi James, welcome to TheCatSite. I moved your question to a more appropriate area here.
Feline Distemper is a very serious thing for cats and kittens to get. I see you have learned your lesson on vaccines the hard way. It's very sad when you loose your loved pets.
Here is a link that describes it in detail. It's very hard to get rid of Distemper and I would refrain from using Lysol at any given time. Lysol is very toxic to cats. The only chemical that is effective is a soulution of bleach and water.
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Hi James and welcome to TCS

Sandie is extremely knowledgeable, and as usual, she has given excellent advice.

I can't give you any help at all, but I was reading your post and I am so sorry this horrible tragedy has occurred!!!!! Like Sandie said, you have heard your lesson the hard way!!! Please give us an update on how the two remaining kittens are doing.
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I sent you an email last night. The board was acting up for me. Like Sandie said Distemper is nasty business. The link she gave you is excellent. Good luck with the rest of the kittens.
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Just wanted to say I am very sorry for your loss....it is so hard to have our cats die like that. My thoughts are with you. I hope the other two will be okay.
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I appreciate everyones e-mails and posts. Please if your e-mailing me leave in the subject: Kittens on the Rise! because I get spam e-mail alot and I won't be able to tell everyones e-mails apart.

The kittens are doing very well, they are still meowing and climbing the box trying to get out to me! "LOL"

I will use the bleach-water solution around where the other three were laying.

The two are really getting attached to each other... "LITTER"ALLY!!

The kittens themselves have done super these last 6 days and I'm very excited for them!

I did manage to go to the Rainbow's Bridge Site and let out my grief for the 3 "kids" that passed on. I for one am feeling a lot better than what I was the other day.

My wife has really gotten attached to Scamp, as she has never had a kitten or cat in her life due to her mother being alergic to them.

I will post in the "New Cats on the block" area. Everything about me and my wife, Jennifer and our "kids" Japhy Ryder (Jack Russell Terrier), Scamp and Casey.

And another
on the way!

It has to be the water around here.....

Take care everyone,
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Glad to hear everything is going better!
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