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somethings wrong with my kitten: PLEASE RESPOND

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My wife and I just got a new kitten approximately 7 wks old. Tonight we noticed him acting very strange. He is pawing at his mouth the way he would do if he was scratching or cleaning except alot more often and harder. He is also acting more fatigued than usuall. I'm not sure what could be wrong and I don't know of anything poisonous he could have gotten into. Other details: he uses the litter box most of the time but sometimes uses floor stool is sometimes runny. He still meows fine and loud (I dont think he's choking). We have given him two baths prior to this because he has a pretty bad flea infestation. Does anyone know what could be wrong with him?
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First off baths aren't going to help with fleas unless you are using Dawn Dish Soap. He should see a vet, as all new animals to your home should to be sure he is 100% healthy. Sounds like something is up so I would take him in. He may have worms which is why is stolls are runny, also the switch of food or maybe he was weaned quickley. Usually cats are with thier mothers until 8 weeks and IDEALLY until 10-12 weeks. There is a lot they still need to learn until then.

So get your baby into the vet for this problem and to get tested and vacinated, unless he came already done, then just get a check up and figure out what this little problem is that he is having. Plus you can schedule a neuter appointment. He will be old enough at 8 weeks or 2 lbs, which ever comes first so get that taken care of asap! But please take him to a vet.
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Have you put any flea preparation on him? Could he perhaps have gotten an insect or bee sting in or around his mouth?

The runny stool could possibly be an indication of a parasitic infestation or it could also indicate an abrupt change of food. 7 weeks old is still young to be away from his momma so stress can also be playing a part.

It is always best to consult your vet when you first bring a new pet into your home or as soon thereafter as you can be seen.
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Maybe it was the flea shampoo or something..
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Get him to a vet, sounds like he might have been poisoned by an over-the-counter flea treatment. A 7 week old kitten should not be introduced to flea shampoo, that is way to young. Take the kitten and the bottle you used to the vet immediately.
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Maybe he has something on his paw and is trying to get rid of it. He could have injured his paw somehow and is trying to make it feel better. Has your kitten been treated for worms? Most kittens are born with worms and they can cause a kitten to have runny stools. It also, could be his diet. You should have your local Veterinarian take a look at the kitten. They are the ones who can diagnose and treat your kitten properly. Good luck!
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Please keep us up to date!
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