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Another night visitor

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When I went out to feed tonight, the cats were all on alert. Bailey my orange laid back kitty was puffed up like a poison toad and I knew something was afoot. I turned on the yard lights and there sitting in the middle of the platform was this HUGE orange and white cat. It has to be a tom, it is way to big to be a female. I know all the cats in the area, and he looks brand new but also looks like he is old and has seen better days. But holy smokes is he a beauty! Of course he ran off the minute I approached, but judging from his thinness, I know he'll be back later on to eat.

Why the H ell can't people just spay and neuter their cats! I don't need another one, can't afford another one, but I can't turn my back on him either. I get so angry sometimes I could just spit nails!
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You definately are a cat magnet. I hope the old man comes around and lets you pamper him with food and TLC. Thoughts of a name?
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Poor guy!

Has he come back around after you saw him the first time?
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Oh yeah, he has been back and fighting with my kids. I had to send Kenail out the other night to break up the cat fight. It is getting so bad, I am considering stripping down the feral feeder and starting to feed in the barns. I really can't have any other cats showing up right now. As much as I want to be a rescue sanctuary I am not, and I have the health of my other cats to worry about.
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I hear ya, Hissy ... Moe is back and has brought some friends. I saw an all-black cat last night, and from the stud jowls on him, I'd say he was an OLD tom, and then I also saw a little buff-and-white youngster, couldn't determine gender. They all seem to get along with each other, but I am having the devil of a time trying to convince my neighbor that she absolutely, positively, under no circumstances, cannot let her kitty outside! Moe is questionable - he snorts and snuffs like he's got the effusive stuff, and then the all-black one is either polydactyl, or else his feet are severely infected, can't get close enough to see, but those are some FAT front feet. The buff one ran as soon as I came out on the porch, so only saw the back-end of him as he ducked into the woods.

*sigh* As if I didn't have enough going on at the moment ... cat magnet. heh heh I like that term, Debra! If people can be cat magnets, can they also then be wierdness magnets too? *grin*

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Hissy, you know you're not going to turn down this guy, not now that you've seen how thin he is. However, one person can't be responsible for all the cats out there. If you have to feed in the barn, that's understandable. I hope he learns to get along with the others.
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Gaye - why not!
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I have had a weirdo magnet for YEARS!
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Just checking ... *grin*

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Do weird people count too? I've had some weird cats, but mine are pretty normal now...my cats, that is.
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