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Play fighting kitties....

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Do your kitties ever play fight?
At least once a day Sadie & Dexter get into it.
Today I had my camera in hand when Sadie walked by Dexter & the games began....

The look...

The challange...

The first move...

Sadie follows with a right cross to Dexter jaw...

Then a hard left hook....

Their play fight ended as fast as it began...
It's time to rest...
Dexter ... a little embarrassed.

And today's winner is....

one tough little girl.

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I love the right cross and left hook pictures!
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LOL......That is just to funny....And you have adorable cats....
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Great shooting! Does your camera have a rapid sequence mode, or did you just get lucky with those positions?
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Love it!
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Yay, Sadie! Female Power!

That was such a great photo sequence with perfect captions. Thank you for the laughs!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom

I love the right cross and left hook pictures!
I was thinking the same thing! Those pictures are hysterical!
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Sadie and Dexter, you're such cutie pies and should be in the movies with your dramatic scene! These are excellent action shots, Lei!
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Lei those pictures and captions are just brilliant!!!

Sadies face in that last picture just says " That told him!! "
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That was awesome.
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Thanks for the great pics! It started my day off with a smile and a giggle.
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Thanks eveyone...

I got lucky with these pictures.
It happened so fast, I just kept clicking.

I should have titled this thread
Girl Power

Do you have any play fight pictures of your kitties?
Lets have a look....
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Touch my toy if you dare!!!

Ow! that hurt Sophie!!


Go on!, hit me and i'll hit you back!!

Sophie did i ever tell you what a pest you can be!

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These pictures are a great way to start the day! too funny.
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thats to funny!!!!!

i love it! great job!!
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Haahaaa what GREAT pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Love it!

More more more!!
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Awesome! Its a left its a right! he's down for the count!! I have a great one of Tig and Pandy if I can ever get my pics posted
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what fab pics everybody
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Those are hysterical!!

Here're my boys:

This has always been one of my favorite pics:

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Great pics, everybody!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Susan....this picture of you girls cracks me up

kc&shermans's Mom....exellent cat fight pix.
I love their picture in the window too.

More cat fight pictures ..... please.
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Our boys LOVE to wrestle! We call it our own Kitty Fight Club. Instead of some pictures I wanted to let you guys experience the full effect, so here is a video - Kitty Fight Club Installment #254

I especially love Shorty's little tail swirling round and round!

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Little Pete & Shorty's Kitty Fight Club video is hilarious.

Little Pete's scratching post technique was obviously mastered after long hours of rigorous training.

Mugsy...your kitties outdid themselves on this one.
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That video was brilliant!!

My two were at it this morning. Sophie was at the bottom of the stairs and Rosie was at the top, and the pair of them stared each other out for ages with Sophie giving a friendly blink now and again until she charged up the stairs after her
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Get out your video camera.
We need a girl on girl cat fight.
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I know i'll have to get filming again. Sophie can be bossy, but Rosie takes her by suprise sometimes
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Those are just too funny!!!
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This was so good.. The pic are awsome. I love them
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Our kitties look so serious when they are play fighting.
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