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Cat Acne?

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My kitten Fox is almost 7 month old now and we discovered a bump on the center of chin yesterday, it was kind of pink-whitish looking (not typical black gland thing), smooth (but the fur still penetrate from it), a little smaller than a whole black pepper. He ates and plays like normal. When we tried to touch it he did try to avoid, but not hate it like "ouch!" We checked the inside of his mouth, nice and clean, no more weird stuff like this.

BTW, he eats from ceramic bowls, has two water bowls, one shaped like food bowl, shallow, the other one is a big mug (seems he drinks more from the big mug so we got one for him).

Here're a few pics of this bump:

Before he had the bump:

The Bump:

Another Pic of the Bump:

Thanks a lot for your information!
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I never thought I would hear someone else say cat acne. Cello has it on his ears. I thought the vet was nuts.

Cello's acne does not look like that. Abcess maybe?
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I have had a couple of cats with cat acne and it looked nothing like that. One had the black poppy seed thing going on. The other was more like his entire bottom chin was a little puffy looking. After I started washing their ceramic bowls every day in the dishwasher they haven't had any more flare-ups.

I am really impressed you can get your cat to hold still of pictures like those.
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It could be a variety of things. Is it warm to the touch? If so, it may be an abscess, and your kitty needs medical treatment. If not, it could still be kitty acne or it could be a bug/spider bite or an irritation from something rubbing that area.
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My cats had kitty acne but it looked sort of like...pepper maybe, little black sort of scabs sprinkled on their chin. That looks like some kind of bite or maybe an ingrown hair? I dont know if cats have that problem but if it doesnt go away within a week or so you might want to take him to the vet. Good luck!
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I'm not sure what they are but my moms cat gets them very now and then usually after a week or two it goes away we used to put A&D cream on it.You can try that or if it makes you feel better can take him to the vet they may drain it and give you some cream to put on it
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Uno too has feline acne! It started about 2 months ago (he is 1 1/2 yrs old). Not sure why it popped up all of the sudden, but I have the best and most simple solution. Go to the local drug store and buy Stridex pads, works great and is half the hassle of some of the other methods. Warm compresses help relieve some of the pressure but in 2 wks time Uno's acne was cleared up and has yet to come back. Good luck and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Uno too eats out of ceramic bowls, so I do not think that should be the problem. Most acne looks like pepper on the chin, but in rare but bad cases they can turn into big, white pimples. Don't waste a trip to the vet, just try the Stridex pads, I am a vet tech and I would not take him in for this. Just make sure to give your kitty a great big hug for me, poor little guy!
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Hmmm, I have never seen that. Is it hot to the touch? If it is, I think it may be a abcess. Or, does he chew on electrical cords? Check all of the cords in your house for bite marks, he could have got zapped. They say for abcesses you can put a hot compress on them and they will sometime burst, releasing the painful puss, and lettng it drain, but with it's location I don't know how your cat would like to have a copress on his face.
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Hi, mitzee had acne on her chin that looked very simliar to your kitty's. She was like that at the breeder they did everything and it didnt go away. I changed her food...it went away.
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Thanks a lot to all of you!

Fox's bump actually looks more flat now after a long afternoon nap (still the same size though). I think it is getting better. It might be the water he's drinking (it's super hot these days and he drinks a lot), or the bowl wasn't so clean :-P. Or maybe because he's always chasing little spiders and try to eat them :-S, might get attacked (since he do that all the time and the bump is so close to his lips)??? We'll keep a close eye on him and see if it goes away in the next two days.

For the pics, I took those when he's sleepy or sleep like pigs
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Scratch had cat acne too last year! We don't know what it was from, but she got medicine for it; it hasn't come back.
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Ginger just went through an episode, and it first appeared as a pinkish lump just under her lip on the right side of her face (her right, not mine.)

I simply used a cotton ball soaked with some hydrogen peroxide, washed her chin with it twice a day for a week, and it went away. It did turn darker before it got better, though. A follow up with the vet as it was healing showed that it was acne, and they said I was doing exactly the right thing.

Now I am making it a point to wash her chin this way at least once a week to keep it from recurring.
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