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ok this is funny

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Angel is still barely showing. Sometimes I look at her and can really tell and have no doubt she is preg. others I look and if not for the nipples and no heat for 6 weeks I wouldn't even think she was preg.

Well last night I started her in my room to get used to it, so putting her in there to eat her wet food, hang out for a bit etc......... (which BTW she LOVES my room and doesn't even try to leave when I open the door. LOL so she was in there all night with me last night and when I went to let her out this morning she didn't even walk out. hahahahaaa).

But anyways I was watching her last night as she went to lay down on my bed and she used to always just curl her paws under her and lay down that way. Well last night she would always move her back legs out and lay on one back hip then lay down on her side. Just the way she was moving reminded me of this HUGE preg. women and how they (and I looked) look trying to get into bed or into a chair or up etc. with that BIG belly. I just found it soooooooooo funny since she doesn't look big to me at all but guess she feels big to her or something huh?
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My Lexus is doing the same thing. *grin* She is a rather dainty and petite girl so the extra kitten-weight is an obvious burden for her. When she stretches out long (as she will for belly rubs) she looks like she swallowed one of those huge grapefruits ... and when she walks, her back feet are splayed out to either side. And I declare, those kittens are throwin a latin dance rave in there!!
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Hee hee!! My kittie does the same thing. She lays funny now - although she is HUGE...she does remind me of myself when I was pregnant...she can't get comfy and can't lay down the way she used to...How cute!
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yes it reminded me of when I was preg. but thing is she really doesn't look big when she is standing. you can really only tell when she lays down but then she just looks like a "normal" size cat since she was so tiny to start with.
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My cat is doing the same thing, but when she lays down she kind of sits on her hip and then rolls to the side it is so funny....
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yeah that is how Angel is doing it.
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I recall those days... I hope never to have to go thru it again... Love the kids but man it was so hard to sleep
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Hee hee!

Sneakers does it too! But rather than a grapefruit, it looks like she has one of those small basketballs in her. She can't even lay on her side, her back end is twisted around downwards because it must be uncomfortable for her to have all that pressure on the big "ball."

My current camera is out of commission, but don't worry... I'll have new pics as soon as we buy a new camera... which should be tomorrow!

I'm getting super excited about her kittens.... and junior's, too!
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Godiva--- wow I can't wait to see a picture of sneakers since she is due so close to Angel. I swear 1/2 the times I look at Angel and don't think she is preg. she is so tiny. I just realized last night there is about 3 weeks until she is due! YIKES hope time goes FAST these last 3 weeks so I can finally stop being obsessed about if she really IS preg (because she is so tiny) and how many are in there! LOL
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Kitty used to lay on her back with her legs and arms in spread eagle
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