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Conner's smelling talents???

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Hey guys!

Yesterday after I got off work it was still light outside even though the sun was down. So, I decided to take Conner outside on his leash for awhile. We went behind our apartment building where it all grassy and pretty.

Well, from the back of the apartments all of the windows look exactly the same, including ours, and all are closed. Well my darned cat kept going up to our window and standing on his back feet and pawing at the window. Everytime we would go near it he would insist on pawing at it and trying to see in it (it was a little to high for him to see into).

But isn't that the neatest thing how they just somehow know where their home is? I was shocked and impressed by his uncanny ability, even though I couldn't find anything that particularly separated our window from all the rest. I was wondering, is this his smelling ability? I know cats have amazing senses of smell, but I find it improbable that he was smelling our apartment 'scent' through a pate glass window.

Does anyone know what it is that makes them so direction-savvy?
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I don't know, but with my boys they're very familiar with their territory. They walk often in the grounds, and they're always looking out from the windows.
I think Connor recognized the view from his window so he totally knew where he was in relation to his apartment.
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If Ox is out overnight I can look out the bedroom window and there he is standing by the service door and looking up to the bedroom window. Bob's and Grizzly do that too!!
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She's so funny, if I'm cooking she sniffs so hard, and moves her little head around in the air like "what, what, what is that smell?!?! It smells heavenly!" I was afraid she was gonna try to jump onto the hot oven door... she just HAD to get as close a whiff as possible to my pot roast! And then she sits at our feet at the table and stares until you look at her, then she cocks her head and Meows... hello, anyone forgetting my plate?!
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