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my sisters cat has become obsesed with herself everything that shows her reflection she will sit infront of and stare at herself.

just wondering if it might just be the spring season or something else
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You don't really say how much of a problem this is... Does she not do anything else BUT look in the mirror, is she upset by her image? Does she seem lonely? Or is she just admiring herself ?
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Its not that big of a problem but i was just curious because none of our other pets have ever done this. she will simply see her reflection somewhere and sit down and stare at herself she still does her other daily things eg. washing, eating, sleeping, playing.
I did have to put down my cat a few weeks ago but they didnt really know eachother very well and didnt really get along since we got my sisters cat (Prissy) in January. so I doubt that it's because she might miss my cat.

I was just curious its nothing serious
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Hmmm. Sounds like everything is okay. Maybe she just is curious b/c she thinks she is seeing another cat... Anyone else ever had this happen, mine pretty much ignore the mirror.
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My mom's cat Roxy will sit in front of the mirror and "admire" herself for quite sometime when she notices herself!! Its funny to watch, I think she's just a litte concieted! LOL
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O. M. G. haha, Oliver does this all the time, lol... I bet if he was human, he'd be one of those guys that takes longer than the girls to get ready! He's like Mr. Has-to-be-handsome-all-the-time (and he is, hehe)... he'll catch a glimpse of himself in the stove or the trash compactor or the glass entertainment center door and will stop and stare... it's so funny to watch. he won't sit for super long, only a minute or two, but it's hilarious!
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lol ok then everything is alright she just likes herself to much i guess lol she is very pretty i have to say
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