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Missing Meggie

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My 10 yr old half ragdoll calico, Meggie, has gone missing for 4 days ) .. I have put up signs in the neighborhood, but no luck yet. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, so she knows her way home (Is one of those cats who HAS to go out Please pray she comes home soon. She is the only cat we have who will "play nice" with our kitty-lovin' 2 yr old daughter (not to mention we love her )
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Please check out the information on how to find lost cats on http://www.lost-pets.org/

Come home Meggie!!!!
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Thanks! I did forget to call the local vets and check to see if anyone has brought in a cat. I doubt that animal control would have her (can hardly get them to come out here for a loose, mean dog ), but I will email them. We don't have any local rescues in our area. I was hoping that this was just another overnight stay in the neighbors' garage, but apparently not. We only have one (real) entrance to our neighborhood, so everyone who comes and goes should see my sign(s). I hope she's just off galavanting and stealing some other cat's yummy food.
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Meggie came home! I was in Bible study tonight, and the leader started talking about God caring for the little things in our lives, so I turned in a prayer request card about Meggie, and a minute or two later, my cell phone rings and it's my husband saying that Meggie was home waiting for him when he and my daughter got back from their bike ride! I just got reminded that that, yes, he does care about the little things, and I shouldn't be embarassed to ask. And she is fine .
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Glad to know she came home And she is fine then, I take it?! I wish my Gus would have made it home Hes been gone a week now!!
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Yes, thanks, she seems to be fine (and well groomed? ). I will say a prayer tonight that he comes home soon.
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Glad Meggie is safe! OUr cats would have such tales to tell us if they could!
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I am sending prayers of gratitude for Meggie's safe return home & also {{{prayers and vibes}}} that Gus returns soon as well.
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You go meggie. I'm so happy for you. God is great.
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Thanks! Yes he is- even in the little things .
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HOW WONDERFUL!! I am soooo happy for you. My sweet Layla has been missing for 4 days. She to HAS to go outside since I had her spayed this spring. She is only 10 months old and I very STUPIDLY went to bed the other nite and forgot her!! I cannot believe I did such a careless thing!! Reading your post gives me hope. Thank you and God Bless.
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I'm sorry she's missing! I will pray that she comes home soon ! And don't feel bad- I have forgotten mine more than once -it happens :
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