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I just wanted to introduce myself, my Name is Shelbyy and it's nice to be here...Our family recently adopted a 4 year old spayed male from our local Humane Society...My husband says he looks like a Maine Coon cat..Marco is his name and I am soo happy that he has come to live with us..He is very well mannered and well, I have no complaints at all...He had no vaccine history at the Humane Society. The only thing they told us about him is that he is 4 and was given to them because of allergies...We are making his first vet appointment soon, so he can get checked out..He seems to be very healthy and is quite content as an indoor cat..I hope things go well for him at the vets..Can some tell me what is routine for a first visit to a vet as far as tests and shots go?
Thanks so much. I love this site..
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Hopefully, the Humane Society gave you a medical history. If you don't know your cat's history, the vet will have to start with the "kitten shots,"--distemper, etc. She will probably want to test for feline leukemia. It would be helpful to take a stool sample so that she can check for worms. Certain immunizations will not be necessary unless your cat is going to be allowed to go outside; feline leukemia is one. Some of the vaccines should not be given unless your cat will be exposed to outdoor cats. They are not completely safe, but considerably safer that the disease itself. Much depends on how much history you have. Good luck with your new kitty and welcome to the CatSite!
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Thanks for your reply Jeanie. Unfortunately, the only history we recieved on Marco was that he is 4 years of age and that he is fixed....I think his previous owners had him as an indoor cat, as he seems quite content with being indoors..Well Thanks again for your reply, I'm looking forward to our fist vet appointment and I will let you know what happens..
Take care,
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Congratulations on your new fur baby and welcome to the site! Definately take a stool sample in. Expect Marco to be sleepy and lethargic for at least 24 hours after due to the shots.
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Welcome to the Cat Site!
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Welcome to you!!
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