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about a 1 1/2 years ago, i became really worried about my 21lb cat. he was really fat and i was scared of the diabetes risk and and other obese risks. Well i did research then and found out wet cat food is REALLY good for cats because its full of the protein that they would get from animals (because they are carnivors). I also took my fatcat to the vet for a check up (i was really scared), and the doctor recommended wet cat food- 9 lives (tuna preferred). This cat was pretty big-he looked like he swolled a basketball. he couldn't clean his back (it was all knotted), he coudlnt' jump very high, he was really REALLY lazy, and i couldn't hold him in anyway that both he and i were comfortable. but this wet cat food REALLY helped, i mean his back has no more knots because he's able to reach back there, he's able to run around with his siblings and jump up into the window, he's soo much more active, and i can actually hold him now. He's still a bit obese, but he's lost soo much wait, and he's so much healthier. I havn't taken him to the vet for a while so don't know exactly how much he's lost, but i would think about 2lbs..which is a LOT for a cat. so i really recommend switching to wet cat food, for those cats that are overweight.
-it really is a great excitement to be able to play and hold your cat again