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I think the assigned tables are the easiest and most organized way to go, IMO.
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I had assigned sitting at my wedding, everyone was sitting with the people that they knew and were 'comfortable with', but before eatting and after eatting-everyone mingled. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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We're having assigned seating. They just have to sit there while they eat then they can do whatever they want. I don't know everyone who's coming to my wedding because of my parents inviting everyone they can think of. Assigned seats will make talking to each table much easier.
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We didn't have assigned seating at our wedding. IMO, I think it's better for people to sit where they please. It also makes your job harder and puts stress on your guests that don't really want to sit next to Aunt Sue or uncle Bob. It's not a big deal--trust me--I had about 500 people at my wedding.
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Not assigned at the Chirch, but an assigned dinner is fine it makes it tasteful and formal if each person has a placecard
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Makes sense to assign tables...then you don't have the single or recently divorced around ALL the couples. Put the singles together so they can meet and brag how they met at your wedding
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We are hesitating between assigned and not. Every wedding I've ever been to has had assigned seating.

You could do a table plan (just print out on A3 paper perhaps tied in with your theme, then place it on a kind of easel just as you go into the function room where you'll have the meal) which provides a table number / name and lists the guests seated there. Then guests just have to find the right table!

If you have assigned seating at the table itself you could use placecards of some kind with people's names on. We're thinking about collecting pebbles from the beach and hand-painting peoples' names on each one to use as a placecard - plus they can take it home as a souvenir... it can be really nice if it's well done by someone with a steady hand
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