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Seen any good movies lately?

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I just watched "Don't say a word" the other day with Michael Douglas. It was about a psycologist whose daughter gets kiddnapped by a group of men and threaten to kill the little girl unless he can get a mental patient to reveal a number..... There's a lot more to it but I don't want to spoil it for those of you who have not seen it yet. If you like suspense I'd recommend seeing it.

Anyone else seen any good movies recently?
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Panic Room was pretty cool, it's not on video yet, I saw it in a second-run theater.

Harry Potter, of course.

I also liked Run, Lola, Run, for those who like unique movies. And who don't mind subtitles.
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Saw "Memento" recently (same guy who directed "Insomnia"). Great directing and very unusual plot presentation. I'd definitely see it again. Also, on video, "The Others" was pretty good. A very old one that's always been one of my favorites is "Ladyhawk".
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We saw Insomnia and The Sum of All Fears last weekend. Both were really good, imo, but..... I did like The Sum of All Fears a lot better. The Sum of All Fears had a lot more action, and not as slow-paces as Insomnia. Don't get me wrong, I did like Insomnia. Al Pacino and Robin Williams both did a great job

I watched Serendepity yesterday on PPV. It's with Kate Beckensale John Cusack. Cute movie! We bought Spy Games and Behind Enemy Lines a few weeks ago. Both are really good movies. Oh, we also bought Oceans Elven, and I really liked that!

I want to see The Signs (with Mel Gibson), Minority Report and The Bourne Identity. I also want to see MIB II!
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Rat Race is pretty funny. Harry Potter is really good. I absolutely loved Bandits. I watch that movie all the time.
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We just saw The Others on DVD. It was a sweet movie!! We also saw Army Of Darkness on DVD. It's an older movie, and it's really good too.
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From Hell - latest film about Jack the Ripper. Johnny Depp's London accent was very authentic.

Spiderman was ok - though don't know how they managed to spend so much money on the special effects, as they aren't that good.....
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Jessica...I also loved "Don't Say a Word".

Tigger...I was really disappointed with "Spy Games". Maybe I am just too "thick headed" but it seemed like it was really hard to follow, and neither my hubby or I really understood it that well. I never did understand why his own people wanted him dead. Something to do with that land, was it the Bahamas or Jamaica or something, I can't remember now, it's been several weeks ago we watched it. It was just too confusing, I thought. Maybe if I watched it a second time...

I did love Vanilla Sky....I loved all the twists in it, I really enjoyed this one!!

Oceans Eleven was really good, too!!

I am looking forward to seeing that new scary movie, I can't remember the name of it, It is something like "Frailty" or something like looks really good!
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Vader, I really liked The Others alot as well. I was so surprised at the end but since the movie became confusing at times I figured it had a good ending.
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I liked " The Others". I sas Memento some months ago and loved it. I'm looking forward to seeing Insomnia. There is another film out by the same filmmaker called: Following. It's the film he made before Memento but is just out now on rental.

Debby, if you liked Vanilla Sky you may want to see the original called: Abre Los Ojos (Open your eyes) It stars Penelope Cruz and is the second film by a young rising Spanish filmaker. (his first film which I also liked was called: Thesis)

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Vanilla Sky was a weird movie. It was good though. Another good movie is The Muskateer.
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I just watched 13 Ghosts, very strange and gory. I am not sure what I thought about it. The concept was good, just a weird movie, creepy.

The Others really surprised me at the end, but it made sense, thinking of some of the stuff that happened. All that locking of doors was really bizarre.
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I just watched The Mothman Prophecies. It was pretty good, but a bit confusing as well.
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I recently bought 13 Ghosts, and was a little disappointed. I thought they used the special effects to cover up the lack of a strong plot. But, I LOVED the concepts behind the ghosts. Someone obviously put a lot of thought into their back histories.

I bought A Stir of Echoes, with Kevin Bacon, recently. It came out at around the same time as the Sixth Sense, so it kinda got lost. However, if you liked the Sixth Sense, I'd highly recommend seeing it.
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I am a little behind the times as I just rented A.I. I was really sad at how bad it really was. Especially with Spielberg behind it. Makes me think twice about how I want to see Minority Report when it comes out.
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The last movie i saw was Spiderman, i liked it a lot for me not to like those comics and all it was a pretty good movie.

I didnt care to much for A.I i saw it when it came out it seems like it was too long and it shouldnt have lasted as long as it did.

I want to see Insomniac it looks like it would be a really good movie with Robin Williams in it of course i like Robin in all of his films.

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I don't see how it could be as good as the book. but I hope it is!
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I think I was the last person on the planet who hadn't seen Shrek, but finally did last weekend. It was really good. Watched it again this weekend and I think I liked it better the second time.

America's Sweethearts is good. It's one of those romantic comedy's that I usually hate, but this one has enough of a twist that it wasn't completely predictable.

Virgin Suicides has been out a while but it is really good, too, if a bit depressing.

I recently watched Once Upon A Time In America, made in 1984, which is one of my all time favorites. It is really long - almost 4 hours - but worth the time. It's on American Movie Classics this month.

As you can tell, I spend a lot of time watching the cable/satellite movie channels!
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Now I'm the last person on Earth who hasn't seen Shrek! I lasted years before I saw Titanic, but I think I'll give in easier this time...
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You're not alone! Believe it or not, I haven't seen shrek or The Titanic!!!
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Here's some of the movies I've seen recently that are good: Enough, Black Hawk Down, The Sixth Sense, Panic Room, Ocean's 11. Theres more that I'm forgetting that I know are good.
Who has seen Spiderman? Is it any good?
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I recently saw Black Hawk Down - I didn't really like, but I don't really have a reason why - just didn't.
I enjoyed Spiderman and a fun but stupid movie is The New Guy.

I loved The Last Castle and K-Pax.

I can't wait for MIB 2
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Heidi, I really like America's Sweethearts, too. It was kind of typical, until the end. I should not have expected normalcy from a character played by Christopher Walken.

I saw The Mothman Prophecies yesterday, and it was definitely confusing. The director seemed more concerned with making his film look good, rather than telling a good story.

I loved Memento. Guy Pearce is a truly gifted actor.
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I agree with you in regards to The Mothman Prophecies. I kept on waiting for the plot to develop but was left ultimately unsatisfied. Definitely a case of style over substance...
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Glad I wasn't the only one who thought that about the Mothman prophecies. At least we could look at Richard Gere for awhile, though.
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Has anyone rented Heartbreakers with Signore Weaver, Gene Hackman and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I found that to be very funny! I really had a good giggle.
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