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Kitty related injuries

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We have one of those bookcase headboards that is about 6' tall. Since it is tall and flat, it is the preferred sleeping place for the kitties, and they have a soft landing pad of the mattress to jump down on. They are usually very conscientious about where they jump down, so they don't land on us. But this weekend, I was sleeping on my back (well, dozing, really, since it was around 7:00), and Trent apparently mis-judged his landing spot. He landed right on my leg - front feet just below my knee, back feet just above my knee. OUCH!! Trent's not a little kitty - he's 16-17 pounds, and he isn't light on his feet either. My knee is OK, unless I sit too long in one position and then it's still a little sore.

And you know, no matter what he did, I can't be mad at the little stinker. He's just too darn cute!

How have your kitties injured you?
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Awww Heidi, your poor knee! I hope it feels better soon

One evening about 2 years ago we had our neighbors over and we were all drinking. It was my very first time ever trying Tequila, and well, I had 3 or 4 too many shots I was dancing around the living room and Dori decided it was time to play. She jumped after my leg and I tried to move and landed wrong on my ankle. It was sprained and I had trouble walking for several days afterwards
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ouch! i know every morning before school i stand by my door to wait for my friend to come and pick me up and out of no where Kitty decides she wants to see out of the window too and jumps on my back... well one morning her landing wasnt quite right and she fell but decided to try to catch herself by digging her claws in my skin and she ended up sliding all the way down my back... claws out and all...
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One morning when my alarm went off Nismo happened to be on the bed. Alarm time means Mummy's getting up which means breakfast time! As I lifted my leg out of the bed she decided to run off the bed and out the door, via my leg

Please excuse the pastyness of my leg, it was winter...
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I've never physically been injured, despite her best attempts, she does try to trip me 99 times on my way to the bathroom every morning...then 99 more times into the kitchen...Meowing "good morning feed me" the whole time!

Trent's not a little kitty - he's 16-17 pounds, and he isn't light on his feet either.

Hubby and I lay in bed and listen to her RUN through the house at 90mph...I'd SWEAR it was an elephant...not a 6lb kitten!!!! You can actually hear the crystal wine glasses clinking together in my wine cabinet!
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I've ended up with scratches a few times when one of them inadvertently lands on my face during their night time chase sessions. Talk about a "rude awakening."
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My cats have the morning crazies and I've often times ended up being part of their racetrack...and a few times I've gotten big ol' scratches across my face from them running over me.

Also Trixie, our little three-legged kitty, uses her "kickstand" (her back leg) to rest on my chest when I hold her. One time her nails weren't cut enough and she put a big scratch on my chest. I still have the scar...I don't think it'll ever go away.
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I moved this past weekend. At one point I had picked Murphy up and was petting him, all of a sudden he FREAKED OUT!!!! I don't know what he saw/heard but man he propelled of my hand with his claws all the way out! I have three nasty puncture wounds right in my palm, and some nasty line scratches down my wrist. I 'll tell ya one thing, the palm of your hand is one place you never want to be wounded! It hurts sooooo bad
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Ouch, everybody!
This was awhile ago: One rainy weekend afternoon Oliver and I were napping together. I wasn't really asleep, just feeling real comfy. Oliver was curled up peacefully next to my face.
All of a sudden he decided that he had to be in the living room ASAP. He jumped up and pushed off the corner of my eye with his back foot. His back claw punctured the skin about 1/4 inch from my eye. Thank God it wasn't any closer! I still have a little bump there.
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Laureen, that looks like it hurt so bad! Ouchy!

Harley has done that to my arms plenty of times during playtime - I have a few scars from him!

I call them love scars
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I don't think my cats usually hurt me, but I have had a few rough weeks. My foster girl Sarabi (pictured with her kits in my siggy) is a total love bug. She rubs against me, and purrs. But for some reason, as I sit on the floor, if she gets behind me, she lays down and makes biscuits on my butt...and I mean really making some biscuits! OUCH!

And silly Garfield sometimes forgets to jump on my lap, and tries to extend his talons like grappling hooks into my thigh and drag himself up! Then Will, my avatar boy, tried the same thing, and he is an in and out cat, so his claws are very sharp! He has since learned not to put claws out on Mommy's skin, and can now walk on my bare legs and not cause a bit of pain. But Gar, who has always been a pampered house pet is still confused and scratches me up sometimes!

Your scratches sound WAY worse!
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They have tripped me going to do the wash, I fell against the wall bending my engagment ring. The ring turned out to be fine, but I was alittle sore from the fall. But last night I went to sit at my computer and nearly sat on Limerick... haha black cat and dark room just don't mix. He's fine, he just looked at me like "do you mind"... haha. I moved him to the other chair where he fell back asleep.
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Laureen, that looks like it hurt so bad! Ouchy!

Harley has done that to my arms plenty of times during playtime - I have a few scars from him!

I call them love scars
I tell people they're knife wounds When we first got Annabelle we also got a squirt bottle since she wasn't declawed. Well we never used it on her, we used it on each other. One night I squirt Brent with it and he wrestled it away from me and as I tried to run from him I turned to miss Belle and twisted my ankle. It was sprained I was on crutches for 3 days.
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Ours like to perch on the headboard to peer out the window.
I swear I've got some of the most graceless cats ever.
They are constantly slipping off behind the headboard, occasionally they slip off the front, sometimes right on our heads/faces.

Not too bad if it's one of the declawed cats, but extremely painful if it is one of the fully armed cats.
They've left some pretty deep cuts on the back and sides of my head, thankfully, no claws to the face yet.
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I'm noticing how many of these injuries are of the "I was trying to get out of the cat's way and..." variety.

I have a lot of kitty scars, most of them from Nedicks, who loves to snuggle but is easily startled. She hears one little noise and SPROING! out come the claws. The best one was about a year ago. I was sitting all comfy on the couch, kind of slouchy, with Nedicks sitting on me, more on my stomach than on my lap really. DH (who wasn't DH yet) was sitting at the other end of the couch reading his mail. He tore an envelope in half and Nedicks flew two feet in the air, using my tummy as a launching pad. Her claws went right through my t-shirt. I don't know how she managed it with her little paw, but I had three parallel gashes on my stomach each one about an inch from the next. I still have the scars--I call them my mountain lion attack. I look like I was slashed by something much larger than an 11 pound house cat.
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It's been a while and I don't remember exactly what was going on but Kitters got scared, claws came out and she got a claw STUCK in my face!!! I had to hold her to keep from pulling to get it out while I screamed for my DH to help me! I was so scared as was Kitters but we both escaped fairly unharmed and without permanant scars! That was freaky!
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I just brought Damita & Chico back home tonight. Damita was scared when I picked her up out of the cage, so she latched onto the back of my neck. I Have 4 scratch marks all the way around my neck, now...

Lily gets fed on my dresser at night, which is 5' high. She jumps off sometimes & mis-judges where mommy's bladder is. I always have to go potty after she lands, too.

Twitch likes to use me as a launch pad, so I get clawed by her all of the time.

Ophelia likes to attack my legs, so unless she's wearing nail caps, I get 4 paws worth of claws in my leg.
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Pretty much everywhere, LOL

Sometimes I swear they fly through the air!!!
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I stay covered in telltale paw sized bruises, lol. When Conner was a kitten he would tangle himself all up in my hair, suck on a couple strands while sleeping and kneeding my scalp. Well, at the 16 or so pounds he is (prob a little more now) he will still do it when he is sleeping sometimes. I get scalp scratches all the time. And he loves chewing on my hair when it's wet, and sometimes he will bite a big mouthful and pull it right out, the darn cat!!

Another horror story...when I lived with my roommates, her cat would get playful at night. Well I was in the middle of sleeping, laying on my stomach with my toes dangling off the end of the bed. Well, I thought I was having a dream about somebody torturing my feet, lol, and when I slowly came 'round, I realized I had a full grown kitty hanging from my tender toes by his claws. OUCH. Darn cats like to prey on sleeping victims!! Haha!
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Ouch everyone!

I have had many kitty related injuries! The other year, whilst I was sleeping, Tibby decided that he wanted to jump to the top of the wardrobe (considerably far away, but anyway) so he bounded onto my face and leapt! I had a migrane and a large scratch on my forehead for quite a while afterwards!

I am also presently recovering from another facial scratch and bruised eye, as Willow decided to jump from my arms, pushing from my face, as we got to the top of the stairs! I nearly came a cropper, as I ended up perched on the to of the stairs, with my glasses hanging from my face!!

Molly is generally quite gentle and light, so she doesn't cause much damage *touch wood*
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