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I know this is mean but...

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If I get backlashed I'm sorry!

However, I got a birdfeeder a few weekends ago. Yesterday I finally remembered to get bird seed.

So I placed the bird feeder and seed underneath the window that Whitey and Luna can share comfortably...and now I'm waiting along with Whitey and Luna

I don't know if bird will actually come eat off of it or not seeing that its close to the house. But all 3 of are hoping.
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I don't think its mean- its not like your cats are going to snack on the birds while the birds snack on bird food I've heard a lot of people say on here that they put bird feeders in front of their cats' favorite windows- happy bird watching!!
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It would only be mean if you are luring the birds so that the cats can catch and kill them.

Otherwise, I think of it as "The Bird Channel" and think the kitties will enjoy!

The feeder in front of my office usually goes a couple of days after a fill before the birds realize there's food and then they come and eat it all up in a matter of a couple of hours!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom
It would only be mean if you are luring the birds so that the cats can catch and kill them.
I hope you get lots of birds, I think your cats will really enjoy watching them.
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Why is it mean? I don't put feeders out in the summer, but during winter watching the birds at the feeders is Abby's favorite past time.
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Oh I don't think its mean at all!

I'm sure the kitties will love watching them! (Oh, and you too! )
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I love it!!! Actually, I went out and bought a bird feeder for the tree that's 5ft away from Luck's favorite window. I don't even care that the squirrels eat alot of it, all I care about is her sheer entertainment! And you should SEE when there's bunnies in the yard!!! She goes NUTS !!!!
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I call it kitty home theater ---
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I am often reminded by my husband that the birds are their only form of entertainment when we are a work. I did have one cat, when I was a little girl, who did break out and bring us back a robin as a present. We promptly took down the bird feeder.
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We call that cheap entertainment at my house!! I have a birdfeeder out one of the windows that gets lots and lots of morning sun and the kitties love to go in there and birdwatch.

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Yea, but I placed the feeder RIGHT UNDER the window sill! So for them it's like being in the front row

It's funny, Luna seems to know what it is. For example, tonight I asked "Luna, do you want to help me with dinner?" and "by mere coincedence" she hops up onto the window sill and looks down at the feeder!

No, I don't plan on any cats killing any birds though. I just hope the screen is strong enough.
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That sounds like so much fun for the kits Trout doesn't get to watch birdies because I'm on the 7th floor. We are moving to a ground floor apartment July 1st, so hopefully she will be able to bird watch then
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Sounds like fun! I don't have a bird feeder by my window, but we get lots of birds. Festus has been known to forget about the window, and jump for the birds! LOL!
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My indoor kitty-cats have a bird-feeder. I'm in a second floor apartment so I had to get one that I could suction-cup to my window. It's one of Penelope's major forms of entertainment and she gets really mad when I forget to refill the feeder ("Mommy, where are the birdies?!") There's actually a good book on this subject:

Bird Watching for Cats: An Entertainment Guide for Indoor Felines

Here's the site if you're interested.
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I also contemplated an aquarium for the cats last Christmas (as a present). But figured that might turn into more hassle then fun.
*pictures coming home finding Luna soaked with a fishtail sticking out of her mouth and still flapping*
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Its only mean if the cats are outside hunting the birds and you are luring them to the yard for the cats to kill. Otherwise it's like a "cat tv/movie" for them.

When we move I'm not sure if I'll put out bird feeder close to the house - at least not in the area of where we go in/out of the doors. Too messy. But I just might put a feeder outside the window that I'm planning on putting a cat tree near. Its not near a door we will be using a lot.

Right now there is a robin's nest right over the front door and the babies are about ready to vacate - when they do, the nest will be taken down and adults discouraged from building one - its right over the step and I really don't feel like cleaning bird poop off the indoor/outdoor carpet on the steps!
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lol my kitty runs to the window when i get home in the morning and yells for me to open the window so she can watch bird tv(sometimes even comes with rabbit commericals)

now if i could just get her to go outside in the screened in area( she will only go if we leave the door open and she can see me) Once my father shut the door and all the hair on her back and tail stood on end( had to deal with a crying kitty in my lap for about 5 min after)
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