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Timid Putty Tat

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I have a 1 year old Putty tat, who doesn't seem to have any violent bones in her body. We live in a complex, and have a rather massive ginger cat that tends to terrorise ours. <total of four>. this specific house kitty fell outta the window during the night. I came outside to fighting noises to find the ginger cat standing above her hissing and about to attack. Unfortunately my cat has no idea what to do. She sat there staring big eyed at this cat and messed herself. This unfortunately happens with the other cats too. We have managed to squirt the ginger cat with a water gun in hopes of scaring him off. He is too fast to catch, besides that i wouldn't know what to do to try and keep him away or make him friends with our cats. Have no idea who's cat this is either. I am abit worried that if one of the cats fallout during the day while we are away that something may happen again, with no help for the kitties. Any suggestions on keeping the ginger cat away or befriending him??
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Since the ginger tabby seem very territorial my suggestion is to keep your little one inside to keep her safe! You might want to leash train her so she can have supervised outings. Good luck
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That cat is probably not neutered. If he was neutered he'd be far less aggressive. Try to locate the owners (ask around?) and ask them to get him fixed. If he is a stray, than you should contact someone to trap him and have him neutered.

Another option is really to just keep the cats in. Maybe you can put a screen that would let them see the outside and breath some fresh air.
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