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Ophelia still has diarrhea, advice needed!

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I've got a couple of questions that might be gross, but I've got to ask.

I scooped Ophelia's litterbox last night. I didn't turn the light on b/c my little sister had fallen asleep on the couch. As I scooped, I thought it was odd that I didn't see any poop. I've gotten to thinking this morning, some of those "clumps" could have been poop, but there weren't any "poop-like" clumps. What I'm getting as is: I don't think Ophelia had any solid poop, runny stuff only. Now, it was late & I'm not sure, so I am waiting until she poops again & then I will have the light on & actually look to see if it is diarrhea or solid. I've been running around w/ worms & Ophelia. She got dewormed in April 2x w/ Strongid. She got worms again from Damita & Chico(I'll get to them in a minute) & I de-wormed her once w/ Pyrantel(specifically for roundworms-which she had) about 2-3 weeks ago. She has had loose-ish stools for awhile, but I assumed it was nothing but stress. We had a doggie guest that irritated me, I can imagine he distressed her. She shouldn't have loose stools still, though. I suspect she had loose-ish stools before the doggie guest. My question is: could she still have worms? After de-worming her so many times, I really really really don't want to do it again...but if she has worms..... I really have to wait for her to poop again so I have a stool sample.

Damita & Chico are at the humane society b/c they had diarrhea & it wasn't going away. They got dewormed 2x since going back to the HS(in May), but now they have loose stools again. Prior to going to the HS, they got de-wormed twice in April. Their stool sample showed no worms, but lots of bacteria. I noticed on Saturday that Damita was coughing, but to me it seemed like the "worms in the lungs" cough(nothing came up). How could a stool sample on Thursday come back negative for worms & Damita still have worms in her lungs? Is that possible? I should add that I never once saw a worm in their stools, ever. Not in Damita's, Chico's, Ophelia's, Twitch's, or Lily's....yet stool samples revealed they all had roundworms.

What do you guys think? I can't bring Damita & Chico home until I get Ophelia straightened out & they get more solid stools. I can keep them in seperate rooms, but I don't want to go around with worms again. Some of the diarrhea may just be stress, it is highly likely that Damita is stressed being in a cage. I don't want to leave them there any longer than I have to.

Sorry about the long post, but I am confused as to how Ophelia, Damita & Chico still have worms!
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My advice is to seek veterinary help with this. Dirareah can't be a good sign.
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Ophelia has had no diarrhea since I posted. I called the vet & asked what she thought. She told me to wait 2 weeks & then look at the stools again.

Damita & Chico came home. They still had loose stools, but the vet thinks it is just stress.
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