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Vibes/prayers for Spitter

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Just wanted to request some vibes/prayers for one of our kitties. Seems like I'm always asking you guys for prayers for one cat or another, so I hope you don't mind!

This time it's for Spitter, a very beat up older stray that we helped rescue and nurse back to help earlier this year. He'd been on his own, struggling to survive for years and was being fed by an elderly nun, who could no longer care for him. Poor guy test positive for FIV and FeLV and we were able to place him in a local no kill shelter that specializes in the care of cats with these diseases. He seemed to being doing so well for a couple of months, but we just learned he has grown increasingly weak and lethargic. The shelter vet has done all kinds of testing, but there are no conclusive results. It looks like Spitter won't be with us much longer. Please pray that if it's time, the end is peaceful for this sweet boy. At least he's known love and care in his final months. Thanks.
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Spitter, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't your time, but if it must be, then it is.
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Spitter, I am keeping everything crossed that it isn't your time. Sending you lots of healing vibes....
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Lots of loving vibes & prayers coming for sweet Spitter. ((((hugs))))
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oh poor Spitter, lots of healing vibes coming your way {{{{}}}}} but like you said Eileen, at least he knew love and care for a time, and that is what he'll remember
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Awww, Spitter, you haven't had an easy life
Sending lots of good and loving vibes his way.
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Aww-I am sending many healing vibes to Spitter, but if its his time to go, we must accept it. He was loved and nurtured and he knows it. Please let us know how it turns out. Many :hugs" sent to you!!
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all the vibes to Spitter and u can always ask us to pray, praying doesnt cost anyfin
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