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I have a BUNCH of questions for you!!!

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Okay. My momma cat, Twitch, is acting REALLY odd.

We are painting the house, and so we had to move the baby box ( as we call it ) into the bedroom. At first, she was fine. But now, she moves them everywhere. We have to do a kitten search every night.

We decided last night to put them in the bathroom, because we can easily shut that door...while in the bedroom, she would take the babies and move them around the house...not a great idea, considering we have paint cans, and tools around for the reno.

She was fine with them all night, kept them in the box, and got out to eat and use her litter, which we had placed in there with them. But around 9:30 today, she started trying to hide them in there, too.

Is there any way to repair this? And after we place the kitten box back in its original location ( behind our sofa, a much less private place! ), will she move them from there, do you think?

Also, Twitch is acting strange in another way. She wanders around, meowing at the top of her lungs, so much that her poor baby voice is rough sounding. She has food, and water...and she normally wouldnt meow like that unless she was hungry. She isn't in heat again, it is a different meow altogether. We give her loads of attention, and let her cuddle us as often as she wants.
She is also very skittish, and seems very different from our little Twitch. I knew she would have changed after having her babies, but...this seems like too much.
Our only idea is that she is searching for her 3 lost babies, because she does always seem to be looking for something. She was really stand-offish towards me, at first...the day she had them, because I was the one that took them away. She is getting better now, but I worry for her health, and the well being of all three of our furry friends.

Sorry for the long winded entry, but I am very worried about them.

But, babies are doing GREAT, eyes are opening after their one week birthday on Friday.
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She probably is still looking for her 3 kittens that were lost. It may also be why she is trying to hide the ones that are still alive.

I would continue to keep her in the bathroom if possible. Privacy is important to a mom cat...plus, as the kittens get bigger, you need to consider that they will most likely have accidents that will be easier to clean from bathroom tile than on carpet.

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I think the bathroom is fine maybe clean the whole cabinet out for a few weeks and let her keep them under there.... As a kid we did that the cabinet was on the ground so they could not fall out and midnight new how to open the door... She loved it... I think she just might be in heat and has developed a different meow...
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Thank you!
Our whole home is ceramic tile, so we have no worries about carpet messes, hee hee!
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