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Deworming question

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I heard that you are to deworm kittens at 4 weeks? What about Momma, do you deworm her too? Do all kittens get dewormed at 4 weeks or just ones you think have worms?

Sorry ive never had kittens this young.

I know i need their weights, which i can get with no problem, but my scale isnt big enough for Momma, I'd have to bring Momma in for a weight, which would mean bringing babies too.

I work today at the animal hospital from 7-1 today, should i take them with me so i can weigh Momma too, and deworm them? I can keep them seccluded and safe at work.


Oh and what kind of dewormer is best, cause we have differnt kinds at work?
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I had the same question here is the thread!
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