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The Daily Thread 06/05/06

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Its been a while since I could post this early!!
Sunny with a high of 80 degrees expected today.
Sleep was fair as DH burnt a pile of shrubs and they smoldered all last nite and I could smell that.
Also the farming operation was chopping hay and on the road with the tractors and wagons until midnite.
My left hand that had the big splinter is quite stiff and sore which will be a work challenge.
Easy job today have to leave in about 30 minutes and stopping at 2:30 for another appt.

Have a good day
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I'm so asleep. With my girlies fed and clothes pretty much on, off I go out the door for work. See you guys in a bit.
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I got home at 3 am, got up at 9 am because of the kitties.
I am so tired.
All ive done today was chat on the phone
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The sun is shining! I will be going for a walk in a little bit, then head out into the yard to do some work. I'm about a month behind on yard work.

Have a great day everyone!
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It was a busy weekend - and now I'm off to work for just a 4 day week

I have Friday off for another long weekend!

I do believe its supposed to be beautiful outside today, but of course I won't get to enjoy any of it!

Have a great day everyone!
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Good Morning!! I am sitting here trying to find the cheapest rates for an Orlando vacation. lee has said over and over again that he wants to go back. Its just so darned expensive!! He wants to do the Disney thing again (we did it for my High School Graduation). Now money is a lot tighter though. And if he goes to Germany we won't be able to go.

Other than that its going to be a pretty good day. I got 2 nasty looking bug bites on my stomach that are itching like crazy so I am tying not to scratch them.
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afternoon all!
I'm off work today so just relaxing with the kitties. Having a look at house prices and jobs etc and catching up on my soaps.
We have builders working on the building opposite ours, they are renovating it and putting flats in but they are seriously annoying me. Everytime I go into the bedroom or the kitchen they look at me and whisper I've shut the bedroom curtains, but we don't have any in the kitchen. Idiots. They obviously don't have much work to do if they can sit around talking all day!
Anyhoo! It's my birthday this week so I'm quite excited about that
Have a good day everybody
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Good Morning! I am oh, so sleepy today. I hardly slept at all last night. My sis-n-law is pregnant (2weeks) and they think she will miscarry. So it has been an emotional roller coaster all weekend. And it's very gloomy today in the city... kinda matches my feelings.

However LuckyGirl was SO cute over the weekend. I took some pics and will have to figure out how to post them sooner or later. She loves the new screen top for the turtle tank...she sits directly on it and looks down on the turtle like she's the mafia and she has the turtle right where she wants it! She was extra affectionate... I think maybe she knows I've been needing a little extra love... she's such a good girl.
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Morning to all!(9:00am here) Been up off and on all morning with my daughter, she hasnt slept well for some reason. And having to let doggies in and out....so I decided just to stay up! I hear its supposed to be very hot today, so will probly take my kids swimming and maybe get some sun. Have a great day everyone!!
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Good morning everyone.

Its a beautifully rainy day here! I had to get up early this morning to drive my mom (who is visiting from another prov. to take a spring session class at the university) to school this morning. She has a hard time driving because of her broken ribs. Now I am at school and I am supposed to be writing a paper

Tonight I have to finish some light cleaning and finish the laundry.

Hope everyone else has a great day!
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Today's my 2 year anniversary. We both worked until 4 and then we got take out Chinese and some movies and well, now we are on our computers, me eating a monster cookie blizzard and him drinking a beer. It's been a good day! (Even though I had to work.) We had the whole weekend off together and that was our anniversary time. It was well spent and much needed! We rebuilt a much needed bond that was severely strained with all the time apart from each otehr because of the opposite scheduling and stress. Now I feel everything is back in sync and right in my little part of the world.

Hope everyone else is having a good week also!
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