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Watery eye with slight discharge

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Dori was in the bathroom with me this morning as I was getting ready for work. She always sits on the lid to the toilet and looks up at me so she can have her morning kisses Well I noticed her right eye was a bit watery and took a closer look at it. She has a slight discharge in the corner. It's just a clear discharge, it looks slightly thicker than tears and sticky (the best description I could come up with ). It doesn't seem to be bothering her at all. What I wanted to run by you guys is that I am thinking since the discharge is clear it probably isn't infection, but more of an irritation. If that is the case, I was going to give it a day or so to clear up before making a vet appointment. I just wanted to mention it for a second opinion here! I tend to over react when it comes to her and want to rush her to the vet asap, so the choice to give it a couple of days makes me feel a little uneasy.
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As long as it is a clear discharge I would not drag her off to the Vet just yet!

That could from an allergy or it might be some sort of irritattion (dust from the litter box) etc.

Keep an eye on her and if anything changes in regard to the color of the discharge then off to the VET.
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Abby has a clear watery discharge occasionally. According to the vet, it is caused by irritation/allergies. I would keep an eye on it, and if it continues, bring her in.
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Aww Tanya It does make you panic when theres anything ot of the ordinary with them. Sleeves used to have constant eye infections as a kitten, looked like he was sucking on a golf ball sometimes and he always had eye drops. Now he gets this watery discharge you are talking about and the vet says not to worry about it unless it changes colour or they eye becomes red and angry looking. We call them his 'eye bogeys'. I hope Dori is better soon
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Thank you all very much!
I actually feel quite silly now because I went home on my lunch break to check on her and her eye is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with it
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Don't worry! I am exactly the same! Anything new and I get stressed and can't settle until I have talked to the vet.
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