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Yellow vomit?

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Hi everyone

I went downstairs to feed my girls this morning and found 2 pools of vomit. One was in the kitchen - it was quite small but yellow in colour. The second one was in the utility room and was watery in colour. I've no idea whether it was Bella or Cinders so I checked them both but they seem fine. I'm not so worried about the watery sick but the yellow sick has got me worried

Does anyone have any idea what it could be? There was no food in either vomit and neither of my girls have access to the outside
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My long haired cat will occcasionally vomit up a hair ball along with some bile. It's an ugly yellow/green. It's about the consistancy of a mashed banana. The vet said not to worry if it does not happen often.
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It sounds like bile like what us humans get?!.
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Hi Susan!

Yes, I called the vet because it was really bugging me. He said it was bile and meant that one of them wasn't eating properly I've been told to keep an eye on them and if one of them seems really lethargic or dopey to get her down to the surgery for a checkup.

It's maddening because they pester me every morning and evening for food and I actually watch them eat once I put the food down. Maybe whoever it is isn't eating enough...
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Make sure their both drinking as well because thats what we get told.

I know the last time i was bringing up bile was a few years ago (too much partying! ), i didn't eat until my stomach settled down and just took sips of water.

Bless her little cotton socks
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Aaw I hope whoever it was is feeling ok now. Nismo gets sick occasionally, it does usually have food in it along with the yellow bile and I think she just wolfs her food down too fast sometimes. Keep an eye on the litter box to make sure nobody has soft stools or anything but I'm sure they will be fine. Pretty scary for you though
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A little roughage in the diet would be good for them. I use bamboo leaves for my cats but barley grass (the common commercial cat grass) would work just fine.
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Thanks for all the helpful advice

I forgot to mention that there was soft stool in the litter yesterday morning. When I got home, I checked the litter and everything was normal. Both girls seemed a bit tired and were wanting cuddles but as the evening progressed they became their normal crazy selves again
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Brilliant!!!!. Theres nothing better than to see them be them back to normal again
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