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I have a cat that had been diagnosed with possible chronic pancreatitis. After several monthes with no problems he has relapsed and I took him to the vet yesterday. Even though he has well formed stools they do have blood in them now so it may very well be some form of IBD. So instead of the amoxycillan or baytril she gave him metronidazole along with sub-q fluids. I know a lot of people with cats who have these problems feed raw but I am having a hard time getting them to eat wet so I don't know if that will work. I brought up the possibility of feeding raw though and my vet being a conventional vet didn't think much of the idea. She suggested trying a purina prescription diet for diabetic cats. It's the same idea as the EVO, very high protein no grains, but like most prescription diets it has what I consider really lousy ingredients. When I opened the bag yesterday it was the first time in a few days that Patches showed a real interest in eating. I mixed a little with the California Natural that I have been feeding and he picked it out and only ate the new food, so much for a slow transition. He seems perfectly fine today. Does it have a tendency to cause weight problems? That isn't a problem for Patches, he has the long naturally thin build, but my other cat has a cobby build so I think she could easily develop weight problems.
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I am far from an expert since I have no first hand knowledge ... but I would do canned or raw before evo dry.//// Evo is a great food but you need to feed a healthy cat at least a bit of canned with it to balence out the dry matter .....

Evo can help a fat or chubby cat lose wt since it is more balenced in regards to carbs fiber fat and protein for a carnivore .... The evo wet was a success here and I highly recommend it the dry I am leary of as both animals on it had stool issues
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Evo is definitely a great food for weight management. It will help chubby cats slim down and keep healthy weight cats where they need to be.

My gut is that Evo will be either pretty much a miracle cure or an absolute disaster...I don't think you'll have anything in between. But the only way to find out is to try. And definitely include wet with the dry. Evo makes a canned formula. If you can't find canned Evo cat food, then see if you can find canned Evo dog food. The cat and dog canned formulas are identical.
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