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Cat Climbing Apparatus

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Hi - me again.

It's very quite here. England were playing their World Cup match so the country's ground to a halt - seriously, the radio said that 20% of the workforce had taken the day off, and a further 30% will throw a sickie!

Anyway, I was looking as a website which showed lots of very cute kitties climbing over one of these cat activity centres (carpet covered towers with tunnels etc).

Can anyone advise me if these do work? My poppets are indoors all day while we're at work, and although they've go a reasonable amount of space to run around in, I'd like to get them something to stimulate them and give them some interactive exercise.

I'd hate to spend loads of money and find they don't use it.

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I actually have a cardboard one called a kitty cat condo. My babies love it. You can keep adding layers to it and it was relatively inexpensive and lasted a while. I got it from Pet Value
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Yep - they work for my kitties We got a fairly big one as we have 7 kitties, but they all seem to find a place on it
Just a tip here though, before you go buying one at Petsmart or wherever, check out some home shopping catalogues, - we bought ours from a home catalogue at about half the price of the ones we saw in store, and because it was over £100, the delivery was free (although of course some places do free delivery anyway)
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They couldn't live without it! I actually want to get a second one because Trent has laid claim to the top shelf as his sleeping/lounging spot and poor Ophelia doesn't have a spot of her own on it.

It was definitely worth the investment.
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I have 1 that is over 6 feet tall and my babies love it. They take turns sitting on the top and grabbing at my hair when I walk by. It has 2 shelves, a little house, a hanging ball, and a built in scratching post. It was expensive, but it was worth it.
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