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I need to be re-motivated at work!

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I need help!

I've become such a slacker at my job and I need ways to get back into the swing of things (at least for 3 to 4 more months).

I was looking for a new job a bit ago, but now that it seems like my fiancé's company may fold in Sept. I think I should keep this steady job until we can see what's going on with his.

Any tips? Basically I need to stop slacking off so much (playing on the internet!), follow up with clients and vendors better, and do a whole lot more work (this is especially important as we're a designer short, so I have a lot more work to do!)


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Can you take on new or more interesting work??
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I would love to.

But I'm kind of in a rut. I'm not really sure where to look next. Do I want something similar to what I'm doing? (graphic design) Something related, something totally new?

I'm also feeling really guilty, as I really like my boss and if I leave, then she's the only one there until she finds a new hire! I know that I'm not responsible for how she runs her business, but I have a good relationship with her, I would even say we're friends and I would hate to leave her hanging. (we're struggling as it is right now)

I figure I'm just being a big baby and I need to sack it up and just DO my job the way I'm supposed to or go find a new one, no more of this apathy!

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I had been in a rut many, many times in grad school.

The only advice I would give is to persevere. A rut is not a permanent thing. Sooner or later you would grow out of it. The sooner you stop worrying about your rut the sooner you grow out of it.
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Are you a morning person. Schedule your harder tasks to do right away.
Are you organized?? If not do so?
When I was at my old job there was really no chance of advancement only rotating of positions so it was rather boring the last 2-3 yrs of it.
Can you switch around your routine a bit???
Making a daily to do list always helped me.
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Find out about other projects going on that interests you. Talk to your boss, if s/he is an open one and say that you really want to stay but your finding yourself in a rut.
See if you can't find something there that makes the job a little more rut-less.

Believe me too...I'm that way right now. I keep searching for something everyday to make me not want to goof off at work. However for me, I've just been in this level of my career too long and need a change. I realise that I'm heading down a path that just bores me to death.
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I work very hard at work too! On The Cat Site!!! I swear I try to get everything done asap, then have more time to post!
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I am a list maker - I would make a list of your priorities each day and make sure you get everything done.

Also, is there a way you can look to pick up more work? How about pushing your work to the next level? Rather than "settling," what can you do to make it amazing?
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Eeeeeeek I am also guilty of hanging out on TCS during work hours....I'm always afraid someone will look at my internet history and bust me
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