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how much KMR for preg. mom

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I am sure this has been answered but I finally got some KMR for my cat. I am going to start trying it with her tonight. I got the powder, should I make up some with water and try that first? then if she doesn't like that try to mix it with her canned food? Also how much should I give her and how many times a day?????
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Mix it with water. I haven't found a cat that doesn't love it. My Cassidy will knock everyone over to get at it and he is a neutered male. I would give her a little in the morning and night. If she really doesn't like it, I would mix it in her food or save it to give to the kittens. I bet she just loves it!
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Thanks Amy! how much should I mix up? how is Nina doing?
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I would mix up enough for morning and night feeding, it saves time. I mixed up a half cup of the dry to a cup of water. That might be a bit much for you, I was feeding two mommas.
Nina is puzzling. She hasn't grown much. She is a big girl, long and tall so I don't worry too much. If I don't see much growth, I am taking her to the vet at the end of the week. I don't feel any movement inside. I worry that they could be dead or that it is a false pregnancy. She has big pink nipples that seem to be filling with milk so I am just confused. She looks pregnant but who knows. She is a bit odd
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hmmmmmmmm how far along did you think she was? I thought I read most false pregs "end" around 7 weeks......... GL with the vets if you have to take her!!!!!!! hope you feel movement soon!

And thanks. I will try 1/2 that amt (since I have one teeny cat to give it to. LOL) and see how much she drinks of it. She could use the extra calories anyways so will give her that with her wet when I put her in my room twice a day. then she has water and free fed dry food all day.
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I gave and still give Moe KMR..She LOVES it!! I use the big side of the scoop (which is a Tablespoon) and mix 1 part powder to 2 parts water and I give her 2 of those at each feeding I mix it with her wet food it turns in to mush but she loves it! She eats wet 3 times a day so she gets 6 tablespoons a day of KMR. I mixed 2 tablespoons up today and just put it in a bowl and she lapped it right up! I haven't seen a cat yet that doesn't like it!
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Thanks everyone. I am off to make up some KMR, get her her canned food, and get a few of her "things" set in my room. hope she eats quick so I can get to bed. LOL
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Ok got it set up. she is eating the canned and finally drank some of the KMR. I made 2 tbl of KMR with 4tbl water
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Originally Posted by junior67
Ok got it set up. she is eating the canned and finally drank some of the KMR. I made 2 tbl of KMR with 4tbl water
woo hoo!!! If she doesn't seem to like to drink it by itself I would mix it with her wet food and mix it all together real well.
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so far so good. just giving her some time to get used to the room then will go sit with her a bit. My litter box I bought doesn't fit in the cabinet I was hoping it would..... hmmmmmmmm LOL it only sticks out a bit so guess not a biggie just hope my shins dont' hit the cabinet all the time! LOL
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Unless she is really picky it shouldn't be a problem. Cats love that stuff and a momma deserves all the good stuff
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oh speaking of good stuff I bought some new toys today to have in my room and forgot to give them to her! heeheee. yes she is getting SPOILED and loving it. not sure HOW she will love being locked in my room 24/7 as she gets close to delivering and after she has the kittens......... but we will see. right now trying to start breaking her in gradually since I have about 23 more days till she should be in there full time. I figured around 62 days along I would start keeping her in my room does that sound about right?
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Yeah, that is a good idea to get her use to it now. I have been leaving Nina in my room when I go to work and the boys let her out when they come home from school. According to the vet, next week should be her week, according to me she has another two weeks. She will probably like the privacy as she gets closer to "baby time".
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I sure hope so. expecially in this busy house of 4 cats, 2 dogs (that are her buddies. LOL) and 2 little kids (16 mo and 3 1/2) and one big kid (14). LOL it is a busy house. so my room is very quiet since the door is always SHUT unless my little one opens it to come in in the morning or ask me a que and stands with it open. now to train her not to let Angel OUT since she has been trained not to keep the door open so the kitties didn't get in. (with the waterbed I was nervous plus my hubby likes sleeping with no kitties on our bed with us, I would prefer all 4 of my babies on the bed with me! LOL)
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Ok so far she is LOVING my room and laying on my bed. LOL since it is the "forbidden" room she is enjoying it. we will see how long it lasts. LOL
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Skittles did not drink the KMR until after she gave birth... LOL Should would not even try to lap it up so I mixed it with her wet food.. Now she will lap a little up but then look at the babies..
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Ok she only drank a bit of the KMR so think I may try to mix it in with her wet food. Do I mix it in as powder with her wet or with water? She loved my room and stayed in all night. LOL But then again she loves to sleep with people so that could be why. Will see today how she is with noone in there when i put her in for her breakfast. Right now letting her out here some. She is funny now when she goes to lay down I can see her move her butt to the side to lay on one side then lays down that way. Before she used to lay right down on her belly and curl up. haahaaa. And alot of times I see her moving like a big preg. lady would move and she is really still very tiny! you notice it more when she lays down but she seems to be carrying more under her belly than on the sides. strange! I mean you see a couple of TINY bumps on the sides but that is it (dont' even think they would show up in a picture!).
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You can mix just the powder into her wet food.
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thanks missy. guess I will try that. Think I am more worried since she is a thin cat to begin with and hasn't really gotten "big" yet. right now she looks more just like a "normal" size cat. LOL
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Ok she won't eat the KMR in the canned food either. I made some earlier today (1/2 a can of the mushy stuff) and she at maybe 1/8 of what I put down that was IT. So then tried it with a can of shredded food and she barely touched that also.............

any ideas? She is on kitten dry which she won't eat even though it is the same brand as the reg. dry so I have just been mixing the reg. and kitten and letting all the cats eat it that way. And she is on canned kitten food. I just feel that she needs more.
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Ok, if she isn't a feral then you night want to try sticking some on your finger and putting it in her mouth, so she gets a taste of it. Maybe take her dry and wet food away for a couple of hours and just leave out the KMR? Sometimes that works for me when I am trying to get a cat to eat something.

Ok stupid question time! KMR... Is that Kitten Milk Replacement? If so is it a certian brand or are you guys talking about replacement in general? Because I have never seen a KMR brand, we use Hartz brand, and the momma cats never really like it, not matter how strong or light I make it. But the babys always go crazy over it.
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I bought the hartz brand since the nearest place to get the other brands are about 40-45 min away...........

No she isn't feral she is my baby. There are some pictures of her on the post about cats having 1-3 kittens so you can see she is just tiny.
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