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ok, this isn't an emergency or anything, but i was just kinda wondering......what does it mean when at cats' nose is icy cold? just cold & wet? dry? warm? warm and wet?
i'm pretty sure that when it's cold, they're healthy, but i can't remember exactly
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A cold, wet nose is just one sign of good health but by no means a complete indicator. Even a healthy ca can have a warm, dry nose occasionally. That is what I found from a quick search on Google.
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I read somewhere a wet nose or cold nose can also be a sign they licked it LOL
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I would be more concerned if there was any discharge.
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Yeah, there is no certainty at all with temp/wetness of cat's noses. But if there is discharge, then they are sick!

Other signs of sickness are runny eyes, vomiting, losing weight, and not acting like themselves.
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In my house it usually means that Bit or Scratch have been in the refrigerator again. We actually ended up having to put a baby lock on it so they don't get in. My little guys are learning to work together. It's kinda scary. I feel slightly outnumbered.
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