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Saba, after Sasha....

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For those of you who don't know Saba all that well (pronounced Say-ba), she is a full grown at 4.5 lbs, little Tabby Coon diva. She was a rescue in Rochester, Washington State and survived the entire winter of '05 outdoors. Little Saba knows that her only friend and big brother, Sasha, has died. She understands this and has begun her own healing.... Sammy has now joined the family and she is ok with that...but I spotted her on the big chair in the living room and took this shot. Her expression is so, well, so delicate - for lack of a better word. Almost like she meant to say, "Do you think everything will be ok? Am I gonna be ok ??"
What do you think?

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Ahh, Saba your little face is so adorable. I know you miss your big brother but I know your going to be okay again! Big kisses to you sweetie!
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She always looks so...vulnerable...I guess is the word I'm looking for.

As always, she's so beautiful!
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Originally Posted by clixpix
She always looks so...vulnerable...I guess is the word I'm looking for.

As always, she's so beautiful!

That's the word I was searching for...vulnerable. yes.
And Saba thanks you * *
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Awww, I just wanna scoop her up and give her a hug.
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Saba, you're such a precious little love! Your big brother is still with you watching over you and your Mama
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/// what a doll and sweety your big bro is watching you and the rest of the family
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She is beautiful and doesnt look to small to me...
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Awww, Saba darling, it's tough to lose your big brother, isn't it? But he's looking after you and your Mum, and everything will be OK. Know something, though? there are some things he can't do for Mum now, so it's your job -- cuddles, kisses, rubs -- all those things are really important, and he's counting on you to take care of that for him.

Saba sweetie, you are a lovely little lady.
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Oh Saba sweetie, if only you could understand fully how safe and loved you are, and that no one is going to leave you again for a long, long time Little Sammy was sent to you by your big brother Sasha so you could have a playmate and snuggle partner
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Shes so precious!
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Aaw Saba, you will be absolutely fine! I agree, that is what her face is asking. Bless her little heart.
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Aww. . .Saba is truly beautiful. I'm so sorry she lost her big brother. . . I hope she bonds with Sammy and will be alright. Her little face is very telling, isn't it?
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Ohh E, that is a darling pic..............

How is little Sammy doing with Saba??
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