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Gracie's coat seems dry

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Hello this topic has probably been dealt with before. I did a search and couldn't find my answer, but I apologize in advance if this is a redundant topic.

Anyway, we have two cats, but their fur coats feel completely different. Phoebe's (3 years old) feels very healthy and soft, while our other cat Gracie (2 years old) seems dry to the touch and less healty. However I recently began buying her those tuna flake treats. She loves them, and it was obvious that her coat seemed to get less dry once we started giving them to her. I suspected it might be the fact that tuna is an oily fish and it somehow improved the condition of her fur. However I'm not sure it's such a good idea for her to have these on a daily basis because they have so much protein. I'm a newbie to the cat world, but I had heard too much protein in a cat's diet can cause damage to their organs. I don't even know if this is true or myth. So to get to the point, are those tuna treats a good solution for her dry fur? Or is their an additive I can put in her food? Or maybe some cats just don't have soft fur? It's not like she's like a porcupine, it's just that the feel of their fur differs from our other cat noticibly. Gracie seems otherwise healthy and happy. Any insight from more experienced cat owners would be much appreciated. Thanks and I love the website!
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First questions is - has her fur changed or was it always like that?

If it has changed - the first thing I would do is go for a check -up to eliminate any medical problems that could cause the dry fur. If she gets a clean bill of health ask the vet for suggestions regarding supplements.
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I mentioned to my girlfriend a few months ago that I felt her fur felt kind of dry, and she said had noticed the same thing. So it appears to have just started recently. She seems otherwise healthy and happy, but a trip to the vet might be in order.
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Vet trip would be good... also what is the cat eating ???
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Originally Posted by sharky
Vet trip would be good... also what is the cat eating ???

Yes, have there been any dietary changes?
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You should get your kitty to the vet. When my kitty got dry hair and flakes I thought it was an allergy and it turned out to be a month long UTI/kidney issue. I wish I had known then that it was a sign of something going on because previously he had really shiny and healthy fur.
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