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For all you cat fans!!

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Want to see the winner of the 2006 NZCF National Cat show? Over 550 cats there and she was TOP!

Well it's my friend Sue's kitten - her name is Wishingwell Split Endz and she is a Brown Tortoishell Classic Tabby Exotic Shorthair (Same as Sophie & Bridget)

Here is a photo taken of her at Taranaki show just a couple of weeks before -

To achieve winning SUPREME overall she got three best in shows out of six. Including winning both of the two national rings and then she got supreme longhair.

This was one of the best weekends in my life. (I didn't have any of my own here but this was just as exciting!)
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What a Beauty and congrats to your friend I am sure yours will do WONDERFUL when the time comes for them, because yours are very very beautiful
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Thank you. Oooh my girls did do well back in the days but they are both a little too old and past it now!
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You'll have more little ones won't you? That's what I meant
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Well we're having a break from breeding at the moment!

This is the highest scoring cat in THIS country at the moment!

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Wow, Sam, Wishingwell Split Endz is gorgeous! No wonder she's the highest scoring in the country!
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VERY cute kitty! lol! I love Exotic Shorthairs!
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She's gorgeous!
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Very beautiful girl! At first glance, I thought it was Bridget...I was so excited for you!
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I know Kelly! She looks so much like Bridgey!
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Sam she's gorgeous I bet your friends well pleased to say the least
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Definitly, now at my clubs show I hope she's going to get crowned kitten of the year!
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