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New with a big problem!

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Hi! My name is Jessica, and I have three wonderful kitties. I have a two four year olds, a black domestic named Shadow and a calico named Lydia, and a 10+ yo Persian named Bob. Bob went to the emergency vet yesterday, and had a UTI. He has taken three out of twelve of his doses of antibiotics. He is more friendly today, but still isn't tempted by food and water. I am really worried that he may become dehydrated. Can you share your experiences with feline UTI's with me? I am really paranoid because he is my baby, and I just hate waiting this out. He has voided, but on the carpet, but at this point, I don't care where he does. He also had diarrhea this morning, but I have called the vet, and they said that that is partly due to the antibiotics themselves. I just don't know what to look for, or how long I should be as paranoid as I am being. The vet said if by tomarrow, day 3, if he still seems distant and unfriendly, to bring him back in.
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I recently went through this with my cat, Callie, so I understand your anxiety. First of all, make sure you add a litterbox where he's peeing. I learned that when they have a UTI, they can't always make it to the regular box, they gotta go and go NOW! Secondly, you'll want to make sure you get some enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle and clean up all spots. If necessary, get a black light and use it to locate any and all urine spots. If you don't, your house will really start smelling like cat urine. Yuck! (This is assuming you have carpet also.)

To help with eating, you might try getting some canned food and warming it up just so it's barely warm. You don't want to burn your kitty's mouth. Warming it up will intesify the smell and will encourage your kitty to eat. If that doesn't work, you can try stage 2 chicken baby food, NO onions. For liquid, try adding a bit of tuna juice to a small bowl of water or you can syringe feed plain Pedialyte. (If you search the forums, you can find a recipe for homemade Pedialyte.)

I have read that you can feed some plain yogurt with active cultures to help with the runny stools. You might also try acidolphilus, which is the active cultures found in yogurt.

Waiting it out while the antibiotics kick in is the hardest thing to do. Lots of rest will help you kitty heal also. If the other cats are bugging him, you might want to isolate him so he can just chill and get well.

I'm sure others will be along soon with more words of wisdom, too!

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I went to the store and bought some wet food that had gravy in it, and I also bought some "wet" dry food. I served him seperately from my other two cats, and he ate it! I gave him two smaller servings at different, spaced out times, and he is seeming to tolerate it in his G.I.. He even is venturing out, so I feel that this is a good sign. I do have the Nature's Miracle (love their products!), and I am going to give him a bath tomarrow. Thanks for the response!
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I used to volunteer at a animal shelter, and one cat in particular had a bad infection, it took a good week for him to get rid of it, it was a bit messy, but he turned out to be just fine. I can understand how you feel though. I hope he gets better very soon...
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