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T.g.i.f. Dt

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Happy Friday everyone. I hope everyone is having as nice a weather day as Toronto is - it is beautiful here today. Sunny and warm, but not hot. I really don't want to be at work today. Hubby has the day off and was still in bed when I left the house this morning. I also have one of my nasty headaches - oh well. I am supposed to go to my cousin annual Army Cadet parade tonight, but if my headache isn't any better I am not going to go. The last thing I need to hear with a headache is bagpipes! Tomorrow I promised the hubby we would go to the Candian Pork Cook-off Championships in Paris Ontario. My love is reading and cats his is BBQ, not grilling, but BBQ Kansas City style. As long as we are home in time to watch the final leg of the triple crown, I am fine with that. I'll bring a book to the event and find a nice tree to sit under while he plays with his BBQ board buddies. We talk about cats and they talk about brisket.
What is everyone else up to this weekend?
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Ah yes - joyous Friday!! Well the weather here sucks again today.... cold, rainy and dull... phooey... but I feel great!, I've just had a major "book spree" on the auction sites and Jeanie had sent me a book a while ago which arrived today!! YEY!! Also, its deathly quiet here today as the Football is on... no-one is in work, the phones aren't ringing.... pretty boring.. except of course, I have a good book to keep me company and I get to spend all day here!!
I hope your headache goes soon Ady - have a nice hot drink and put your feet up (hope they're not overworking you again are they?? hee hee)
As for the weekend, hubby is working tomorrow, which means I am left to do the remainder of the packing.... *sigh*.... we move next Friday
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Bod - congrats on England beating Argintina this morning! Don't do too much without the hubby there - he has to have a say in the packing - read your new book! No overworking for me on a Friday - no matter what work says!
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Don't worry , I can't do tooo much packing without hubby - its mostly the big things that "poor weak little wifey" can't manage..... (heh heh heh.... it always works... :LOL:...... don't tell him...)

I didn't get to see the match as I had to stay at work (whilst everyone else went to watch it in the pub!!) but I'm glad we won - And I'm glad to see you're not working tooooo hard!! Its not good for you anyway!!
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Friday - at last!!! It's supposed to be close to 90 here again today and tomorrow. What's up with that? This is Colorado for cripes sake!! It's supposed to be upper 70s at most this time of year. *Sigh* I really don't like hot weather, can you tell?

I have been overloaded the past few days with work. Busy is good, but that was ridiculous. I think I'm almost finished with the biggest project, so I should have a much more relaxed day today.

Weekend plans, huh? Massive cleaning for me, I think. We are going to be moving late August, hopefully into our own place. I have to find a couple of those important documents that the loan officer needs. I know I kept them somewhere I wouldn't lose them, but now I have no idea where that place is. And I want to start packing up the stuff that we really don't need so we don't have the fiasco that was our last move. Hubby thought is wasn't that important to pack any of his stuff until the night before the moving company came. Needless to say, we were scrambling for the rest of the weekend to get everything moved into the new place.
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Happy Friday!!! Its suppossed to be a hot one today...around 80. Yuk! I hate hot humid weather. This morning has been fairly quiet, which is always a good thing. My morning started off with a not so good surprise...I was checking my statement online for my credit card and someone stole my number and charged $90 worth of stuff at Walmart on Monday!!! I can't believe this. Now I am going to have to cancel my card and go through all that mess again! Tomorrow I am getting blonde highlights. And Sunday I am going to my brother's highschool graduation. That should be fun having to sit in the bleachers outside in 90 degree weather for 2 hours. Have a good day everyone!
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Hot one here, too - about 101. Adrienne, I agree with you, about the bagpipes. Even without a headache, they're awful! I'm on a 3-day weekend. Have, already, been to WalMart AND KMart, looking for a wading pool, for Ike. Didn't find what I wanted but, got a great Fathers' Day card for Bill and some wonderful coasters with cats on them. Rowdy has stolen all of our old cork ones. These are stone and should be too heavy for her to bat around. I have my interview with AOL, in about an hour. Hope I get this! Happy Friday, everyone!
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Good luck Cindy! I hope you get the job. If you get it will they give you free internet?
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Just two free e-mail accounts. The benefits start, the first day, though.
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Good luck Cindy! Let us know how it went.
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Good luck Cindy! I wouldn't want to go through AOL even if it was free, but that's just me. It sounds like a good company to work for, though.

As for Rowdy not being able to drag the new coasters around...well yesterday hubby came home to find a half-full bag of potting soil in the middle of the hall. Neither of us moved it there, so it was either gremlins or the kitties. If they really set their little minds to it, it's amazing what they can do!
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Got through the initial site tour and application process. Should hear within 5-7 days, about a telephone interview. The salary, benefits and bonus schedule are phenomenal! I can, even put Bill on my medical and dental, if I get the job. They cover domestic partners. Hmmm, do you suppose that I could claim the pets as domestic partners? After all, they're family!
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Aw, Cindy, I'm sorry you don't like the bagpipes. My mother, brother and sister were born in Scotland, so they are part of my heritage. I think it's in my blood. I love them. We went to the Highland Games a few years ago and there were individual pipers practicing all around us-for a competition. So, we had Scotland the Brave in one ear, Amazing Grace in another and all sorts of different marching music coming from all directions. I can honestly say I had enough of the bagpipes that day!!
Heidi, did your husband get a job? I certainly hope so. Good luck with the new place!
Adrienne, lie down in a dark room when you get home. Headaches can be so bad.
The weather in Western PA is pleasant 78-80 and no rain for a change! Hallelujah!
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Thanks for asking Jeanie. He hasn't gotten a job yet, but has a couple good leads. He used to work for Media Play, which also owns Sam Goody Music and Suncoast Video. He applied at all three, and was able to talk to one of his old managers at Media Play. They told him that re-hires automatically get priority, and they thought they had some openings. He should hear something in the next couple days. Fingers crossed! (I think my Dad kicked him in the butt when he told hubby that he wouldn't co-sign on a mortgage unless/until he gets and keeps a job. Dad's are always good for that kind of thing. )
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Jeanie - I had to work to today - I couldn't miss any more. I am feeling better though. Normally I like bagpipes - they are big in Canada. Hubby is Scottish, so I hear them at my in-laws all the time. Nothng sounds better then Amazing Grace on bagpies - very moving.
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Heidi, What a father you have! He's risking his own future on your marriage! Wow. I love my kids, but I don't know if I'd want to co-sign for anyone on a house. That's amazing. If it were only my child, and that child needed something really important, I would take into consideration how responsible that child is. But to take a chance on your husband also, no matter how great he is? That's taking a chance.
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Just another day. You know SSDD. I am pretty much out of my part time job. The little witch that I have been helping out in the evenings decided I was doing too much business, so she is now working evenings. She didn't even have the common courtesy to tell me. I still do a little during the day, but she just couldn't stand it that I was building up my own clientele. She was still getting most of the money, and doing nothing. She tells her husband that she gets off at 12, but leaves at 10. I am not sure I still have Sundays. She has 2 brats that she wanted to spend Sundays with, so I probably do. I ought to quit, but it would cause problems, because mt SO works there and the boss is this little witch's stepfather. I have already seen several people walk in, see her and leave.(I live right behind the place.) She was outraged when someone had the nerve to ask when I would be back. She is so full of herself! And has absolutely nothing to be proud of! Bitch! AAARRGGHHH!!!!! Thanks for letting me vent.
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