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This is by far the best picture I have been able to take of Pearl so far.

Of course it's cause I'm holding her and she's saying...put me down mommy.

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What a cutie! Awwww! She reminds me of Molly- they definitely have very similar coloring/markings. That would be lilac point, right?
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Lilac Point Siamese/Persian mix.

She's got a medium/long coat. She's very hard to get pictures of for 2 reasons...

1. She doesn't sit still for longer than 2 seconds unless she's sleeping
2. My flash whites her out completely.
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Shes got that RAWR!!! Im gonna get you if you dont LAY off that camera mom, NOW!

hehe, shes so cute!!!
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Isn't she a little cutie pie!. Love her baby blue eyes as well
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I take it she is camera shy, but very cute...
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Oh she is. She hides anytime she sees me with the camera but it's not just that, my camera's flash 'whites' her out. You see nothing but a white blur.
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