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Funny how we've grown up......

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I could die laughing about this so I'm going to share.....

Yesterday was my youngest step-sister's high school graduation. She is 6 years younger than me. My best friend was invited to the party afterward. We've been friends since 10th grade. Well as the party was winding down we decide to look at the program to see if certain teachers were still there. Lo and behold....the 4 most unlikely people we graduated with are now teachers!

But the story gets better. I'm going down the list of faculty and I see this one person's name. I said it out loud in surprise (don't want to share his real name on-line here) and my friend looked at me weird.

Well it turns out that her youngest stepsister, who is a freshman at the high school has a huuuuuuugggee crush on this teacher and has been taking about him non-stop to her. 'Mr. _____, he's so hot!' 'Mr.______ he's a butt head!' (and called him that to his face apparently!) It's basically Mr.______ everything with her.....soooo my friend put 2 and 2 togheter......Mr._____ took 4 years of Latin with me in high school and her lil sister is now in for a big surprise!

I can't wait! My friend is coming back to town today. I'm currently looking for pictures that he might be in from back then. We are going to her dad's house to get her reactions! And to find out what subjects he and the other 3 could possibly be teaching! This should be verrrrryyyy entertaining!
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That should be fun, lol. Isn't that stuff weird? Lol.
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It wasn't as fun as planned. My friend called, her step-sis had decided to go off to her dad's for the evening (to see some boy...she's 14) so we couldn't go over. But when she found out we knew Mr.____, well she did give a good reaction. I wish I could be a fly on the wall of her class tomorrow when she goes to school!
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There was a guy a year older than us in high school, a complete goofball and always in trouble. Well now he's a teacher back at our high school...and my little brother (a smart ass and trouble maker, lol) gets lectures from him about his behavior. I'm like, yeah, he's one to talk!
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Hehe, the world's a small place.

I know I was surprised to see who I knew from growing up in the same teacher's program as me. This girl was a little brat. IT's soo ironic, but entertaining at the same time.
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