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ideas needed for wedding reception games!

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I'm planning the last little details of my wedding at the end of July (less than a month to go!!!) and my soon-to-be sister-in-law and I came up with the idea of putting a coupon book at each table at the reception. Each book would have a few "coupons" of activities & contests for the evening. I need some help coming up with ideas. Here's what I have so far:

1.) Contest: who is the oldest person in attendance (winner gets a bag of prunes! )

2.) Don't say "no" game: people try to stump each other by asking questions, and the object is to not say "no". It's a great way for people to get to meet & greet each other.

3.) People can take turns creating a love song without using the letter "e".

4.) Contest: who is the person with the most pets (winner gets a lint roller)

5.) Contest: who is the person with the most traffic violations (winner gets a "talk" with either the best man or one of the ushers, both of who are detectives! lol)

Of course, people can exchange prizes at the end if the want to.

I need more ideas! Get your creative juices going and help out a bride in need!
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Well I dont have any direct ideas, but I do think you should throw in some more Love/Marriage questions, or contests. Or some more questions about you and your fiance. After all, it is YOUR wedding.
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One wedding I went to had an archery contest for the garter, and another had a triva contest. The questions were about the bride and groom and wedding trivia (when did white become common for wedding dresses) and they did it by tables, the table with the most points got to get up for cake first. The only problem with that game was those of us who didn't know the groom (or the bride) very well had some problems. I would either pick questions that were generic enough so every one has a chance or mix up the bride and groom's guests.

Fh and I are thinking about some sort of scavenger/treasure hunt, as that sorta goes along with our theme.....
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There are supposed to be games at receiption? OOPS!!! I didn't do that!!!
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Originally Posted by shengmei
There are supposed to be games at receiption? OOPS!!! I didn't do that!!!
I think most of the time there aren't, but since we can't have dancing (not enough room at the restaurant), we figured it would be a good way of breaking up the evening instead of sitting and eating all night! I have to keep my girlish figure somehow, you know!
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What a cool idea!
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Of the weddings I have been at, the only games played were put on by the DJ, i.e.

*Karaoke "Going to the Chapel.."
*The snowball game: The bride and groom start dancing and then someone yells out snowball, they each grab someone else from the crowd, "SNOWBALL!" again, then the 4some grab more people to dance with etc.

Ummm..that's all I can think of now...It's been 4 years since the last wedding I was at!
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Umm, maybe do a contest for the longest married couple and then give out a prize. I was going to say a dancing game, then realized you said there isn't enough room.

At my reception, on the 4th dance, we had every married couple come onto the dance floor and then the dj would start kicking people off(like people married less than a year times up etc) until the people married the longest are left and then we gave them a nice bottle of wine and a card.
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We did that same thing at our wedding, with the dance to find out who had been married longest.

I haven't seen this done at weddings necessarily, but I've played a few different versions of bingo with large groups that have worked out well.

One version is to have a card at each table that has different statements on them that could apply to people at the "Has had braces" or "Has freckles" or "Plays a musical instrument". Each table goes through the card and writes the name in the space of someone at the table who fits the criteria. The first table with five in a row wins prizes.

Another version I just used at a birthday party was a bingo game about the guest of honor. I had cards printed with different years in the squares. Then I had clue cards with a description of things that had happened in that year...both in the world and with the guest of honor. (For example "In this year "Who Shot JR? was the question everyone was asking from the TV show Dallas; Post-It Notes were introduced by 3-M, and Tom's daughter, Julia, was born.") I asked different guests to get up and read off a clue. Each table had to work together to figure out the year and mark it off on their bingo card. The winning table got prizes. This one went over really, really well. (You could do something similar with a trivia bingo game about the two of you. Maybe have the answers on bingo cards and ask questions like "Where was their first date?")
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Great suggestions! I brainstormed a bit with my sister-in-law-to-be yesterday, and we thought that a "Tivia Pursuit" type game with questions related to weddings/ the bride and groom might be a good idea. Ex: "where did the tradition of wearing a white dress at a wedding come from?", "how did the bride and groom meet?", "who is the 'klutz' in the relationship? the bride or the groom?" (bride... that would be me! ) things like that. What do you think?
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Oh, good luck with all of this..I don't foresee myself getting married anytime remotely soon, so I have no ideas for you...But these folks are all about ideas, I'm sure it will be a blast!!
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I like the Trivial Pursuit idea. I was at a couples shower a few years ago where we played a game like that with trivia questions about the couple. It was really a lot of fun!
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We are also doing the anniversary dance. We are having a seperate throw bouquet. With the anniversary dance (starts out with all couples dancing and dj tells couples married less than a day to leave the floor, then couples less than a year, then 5 years, then 10 years and goes up and up until you have one couple left), the longest couple married will end up getting the bride's bouquet.

We are also doing karaoke.
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I have never heard of games at the reception other then the bouquet and garder toss.
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I haven't really heard of games at the reception but I thinki it wold be fun!! We went to a few wedding showers that we played games about the bride and groom to be and how they met, favorite restaurant etc. The couple who got the most correct answers got two movie passes (although there was a 4-way tie) So make sure you have plenty of spare prizes just in case some thing like that happens!!
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