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Back in action (at last)

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Hi everyone

I hope this finds you all well. I have been out of action for a few weeks with various health problems: flu, diagnosed anaemic, heart palpitations (spent several hours strapped to an ECG machine thinking I was having a heart attack!), 5cm fribroid (benign and "not a problem" according to my gyny!) You name it, I've had it! For someone who is normally very healthy, it's been quite a rollercoaster of late. I'm feeling much more like myself these past couple of days and have been trying to slow down at work - it's just not worth compromising on health. I go back to my doctor in about 10 days to redo all the blood tests - if you can spare me a few vibes, that would be great. Thanks guys!

So with all of that I haven't had time to log on to TCS. I did want to update you all on a couple of great news pieces though! A new cat has adopted us He's a tiny little thing - skin and bones, very nervous He will just about let me stroke him but there's no way he's letting me pick him up! The poor little guy chomps down any food I give him like he hasn't seen food for weeks.... I'll try and get a picture of him to share with you.

Also I managed to get the venue booked for my ceremony and reception (will update the "Gonna be wed" thread in a sec), so that's a big relief.

UK friends I don't know if I'll make it to the meet-up. I'm trying to limit the amount of travel I'm doing. Sorry to be indecisive but I just need to see how things go.

It's good to be back - talk to you all soon.
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WOW! I think that is too much info for my brain to absorb!

1. Hope you are feeling better, and the labwork shows you are all better.

2. Congrats and best of luck on the new baby. I'd advise a vetcheck as soon as possible to rule out any illness or worms contributing to how skinny he is!

3. Congrats on finalizing plans for the wedding, and sorry you won't make it to the meet-up. The one here is Chicago was so COOL!

Welcome back!
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Good to see that you're back -- and good luck with your new addition!
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*sending you lots of vibes for everything*

Great to see you back!!
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Vibes! Hope that you get even better feeling! Congrats on the new addition...after a little while the little cat will turn around for ya!
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