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In memory of Darcy who was a cat belonging to the people who one the shelter that I help at he died peacefully in his sleep on thursday aged 18 may he rest in peace.
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Rest in Peace Darcy, sweety. You will have nothing but fun at the rainbow bridge.
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Have fun over the bridge Darcy, theres a lot of new friends waiting to play with you
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RIP Darcy
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Enjoy being young again over RB, Darcy!! In 18 years of living here on Earth, you have gained so much wisdom to give to those kittens also over RB who are yet to be born. Condolences to your co-worker - I hope that their work at the shelter brings them some comfort and maybe a new kit or two, to fill that Darcy-sized hole in their heart.
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RIP Darcy.
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Rest in peace Darcy. Hugs to all those who loved you and miss you so much now.
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R.I.P Darcy
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