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a couple questions

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1. I have 5 dogs and im wondering when i can start introducing the kittens to them(kittens are 4 weeks and 3 days old). The dogs are all very friendly with cats, im not in any rush but i want the babies to be comfortable with dogs. I would only do one dog at a time and if a dog was too excited i wouldnt let them meet.

When i do introduce the kittens to a dog, do i bring the dog into the kitten room? Im wondering if Momma would be upset, she seems to really like the dogs actually, but she hasnt seen them since she gave birth.

My dogs are pretty calm one on one and i could bring one in and have it laydown and just watch, im guessing the kittens would probly climb the dog?Im not sure though, has anyone else introduced a dog to a young kitten?

2.Also Im wondering when is it ok to take a baby away from the nesting room? They have been in there since birth with Momma. I would obviously bring the baby back in a timely manner, but would Momma be ok with this? The kitten wouldnt be exposed to any other cats, or animals. My roomates are gonna adopt one and they asked if for about 30 min a day if they can take the one they picked into their room to bond with him.Is this ok?

3.I got a cat tree for the babies when Momma was pregnant. Its not a tall one, its more long then tall, i didnt want to worry about the babies falling off by mistake, but it is about4 feet high maybe a little taller. Its not in their room right now, but now that they are playing so much and running around i want to move it back in their room. My only concern is that it is a little wobbly, my adult cats use it with no problems though, it hasnt fallen over with them jumping all over it. Would it be ok to put the tree in with the kittens?

Ok thats all the questions i have for now, thanks for any answers!

Oh I almost forgot. Their room smells so bad, but i cant find the source of the smell. I dont kow if it is just cause the vent is closed in that room, if its from the wet food i feed Momma, or if the babies are pooping and peeing places I cant see. I need to clean that room, but what can i use to clean it that is safe to use around kittens? Also is it ok to us the vacum in their room? I dont want to scare them but i really need to vacum in there bad.
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If the dogs show any sign of prey drive such as a need to hunt or if they are overly protective of their food, I wouldn't bring them in to see the kittens at this time. Put the dog on a leash and bring them into the room and do NOT leave them alone together at all. If I was uncertain how the dogs would react, I would use a soft muzzle on them during the introduction. And definitely 1 at a time - with 5 dogs you have a "pack" and packs can get wound up pretty quickly.

If you move one of them out of the room, momma may or may not become a bit unsettled about it. It isn't wrong to do it, but watch the mom when you do and make the call once you see her response. Mom's can be protective and my go after the kitten.

Once the kittens start climbing, a 4 foot tree is pretty tall for them. I've always started mine on small cylinder cones that are never more than a foot tall. When they get to the top, they tend to want to jump off, and 4 feet tall is awful high for a young kitten.

If you aren't cleaning the bedding everyday, you may want to start doing that. They will eliminate anywhere and everywhere. If you vacum, suggest that you put them in a carrier and move them out of the room.
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I am not sure about the dog situation.

I take my babies out of the closet and put them in the living room to vaccum.

I also take them out of the closet to play while mom is taking a break and she doesn't mind when she is ready to feed them again she "calls" them and they all follow her back to the closet. I guess it is totally up to the mom cat I would just watch her attitude twards taking them out. If you take them out and she automatically comes and picks them up and puts them back I would not take them out of the room.

I also have a small scratching post for them it might be a foot tall them love climbing up it. I would not intrduce them to the big one for a while though I would be to affraid they might fall and hurt themselves. I know that cats always land on their feet however they may fracture a bone and you not know it.

Oh and my babies are 4 weeks and 2 days old!!
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I don't have any dogs, but I thought I'd answer the bonding issue. I got my kitty at 6 weeks, and she wasn't litter trained yet. Everything I read, said to not let a untrained kitten have run of the house, and to put them in the room with the litterbox, and close the door. Wellllllll, she had such a pitituful cry, that I slept in the bathroom with her that night. She slept on me all night,and it was a definite bonding experience. So even if you want to wait a few more weeks to let it go to your friends room, it will be ok.
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