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my oreo

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Originally Posted by toffeemao
LOL-cute pic! Was he yawning or yelling at you??
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Isn't that adorable....he's yawning yes? But he looks like hes roaring!
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Hahaha! That's a really cute picture- you can tell he's yawning but he does look like he's roaring!
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Snapped just in time
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He is so precious I love tuxidoes I actually had a dream about getting a tuxi last night. was funny in a way although is too bad it hasn't come true. I had a tuxi named Trouble and he was such a sweetie.
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What a silly little boy!

Very cute picture, Thanks for sharing.
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and shelly I just noticed your black cat very pretty I love black cats. actually everyone's babies are pretty I just love cats period
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awww! he is so cute!!!
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yea that is one of my favorite picture of Oreo...

Oreo is eitherr yawning or surprised that she got her picture taken...

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LOL what a cute yawn... Maybe it is nappy time...
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Awww...that would be a fun picture for the Caption This forum!

That's a silly/cute picture!
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