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In memory of Rascal

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I've been thinking of doing something like this for awhile now, since I joined here actually, but I wasnt ready to get it all out or talk about it. I'm still not sure that I am. And I'll probably start rambling on, so I'm sorry for that

Rascal was born in September/86th to a stray cat, Hidie, that my mom took in while she was pregnant. Hidie had 4 kittens (but she refuesed to feed them so my mom had to) one died at birth, one passed away when she ate a poisioned mouse with (the kittens step dad) Bingo, and one ran away when my mom got him fixed (guess he didnt like it to much). So Rascal was the last remaining kitten out of the litter.

When I was one years old (4 years after Rascal was born) we moved out of the house, but left Rascal with my Grandpa because the apartment didnt allow animals there. We moved back in when I was 4, and me and Rascal were inseperatable. She even chased a Racoon away from me when it came into my window, got between the two of us and growled and hissed at it untill it left.

She was always there for me, when ever I was sick, or upset she would come to me and just lay on my stomach until I fell asleep.

Then around November/2005 (she was 19) she started losing weight, but I just though it was because she was running around more, until Christmas day when I noticed she was having troble walking. Lets just say I didnt eat my Christmas dinner that year. After that, she seemed find, she was still walking a lil strangly, but she was still eatting and drinking and walking around everywhere. I didnt think she was really sick, but I guess she was cuz by the middle of Jan, she was really skinning and my mom told me that we had to bring her to the vet and just hearing that broke my heart. My mom didnt no what to do, she didnt want to bring Rascal to the vet to hurt me, but she wanted to so that Rascal wouldnt suffer anymore. My mom called the vet Jan 31st in the morning to bring her in for 6pm because she couldnt walk anymore, not really. She'd try but fall and I no she gave up cuz she stoped eatting and drinking. I still hate myself for sleeping in till 1pm that day, I didnt no she was going to the vet that day but if I just got up I would have had more then 5 hours with her. For those 5 hours, other then 40mins getting my brother from school I stayed with her...I brought her to the vet, my mom met me there and me and my mom stayed with her while she was put down. She was there my whole life, then all of a sudden she was gone, and I didnt want to leave the vets office. I just stood there and was petting her for 5 mins maybe? before my mom said that we had to go. The only time I cryed in there was when I got there, when they shaved her arm for the needle, and when I left the office. I left the office and it made it so much more real. My mom was trying to be strong for me, so she didnt cry a lot, even though it was tearing her apart as well.

I no that some people (or maybe alll) will say or wonder why we didnt bring her to the vet sooner. My mom didnt want to, cuz she didnt want Rascal to die taking medician, or at the vet if they needed to to surgery. The vet that put her to sleep, said that she understood, and there wouldnt have been much that they could have done for her. But I still wish I did something, and I hate myself sometimes for letting my baby girl die like that when she needed me, cuz she was always there for me.

I hope to see her again one day, I really hope I do.

I love you Rascal
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Try not to beat yourself up over it. While it is heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet, It was just Rascals time to go. She led a long happy life, and loved you so much. I'm sure she tried to stay around for you, but just couldn't hang on anymore.

Now you can feel content knowing that she is watching over you, just swishing her tail back and forth with anticipation waiting for you at the bridge. She plays and eats to her little hearts content there, and is in no more pain.

I can tell how much you loved her by your tribute, and you can rest assured that she loved you too, and still does.

Rest in Peace Rascal, your momma misses you. Keep playing happily.
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Originally Posted by SilverPhoenix69
I hope to see her again one day, I really hope I do.

I love you Rascal
What a beautiful tribute to sweet Rascal.
My prayer is that someday you will meet again.
RIP little darling.
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Thank you for sharing your memories of Rascal. She sounds like such a wonderful companion. I'm so sorry for your loss, but hope you can find comfort in knowing she had a long, happy life with you and now is now watching over you with love. RIP sweet Rascal.
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Condolences on your loss. My daughter has a kitty named Rascal, and she just adores him.

Losing the kitty of your childhood is such a tremendous blow. Know that at 19, there wasn't much a vet could have done, even if she had been seen sooner. I am very sorry for your loss!

Rest in peace, Rascal. You knew the love of a child, and that is the best gift any kitty can have!
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Thank you for your responces, they were really nice, and made me cry again (I ended up crying while writing my first post)

Here's four pictures of her. They were taken a year to 4 years ago, before she got sick and lost a lot of her weight.





Its weird, I thought I was terrified of needles before, now I cant even stand the thought of one going near me. Pictures, seeing them on tv makes me feel sick and cringe and when Storm needed a needle after she had her kittens in March, I almost lost it.
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