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Sunday 3rd June

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Morning everyone

Its 8.30am and the sun is out Pete is grumpy as Izzy was crying at 6pm this morning and he is on nights tonight

She does this most mornings, no real reason for it, she just cries and it goes on and on and......I think she panics when no one is around and there is no point in calling her as she is deaf Its usually me that gets up to give a bit of attention, Pete just grumbles

Mogs have all had breakfast and are lazing about in the sun, Pete has gone back to bed.

Anyone heard from Sarah lately? Haven't seen any posting from her for the last few days.

5 days until the World Cup starts
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Morning, though it's only 4am here and I haven't yet gone to sleep though I am seriously thinking about doing to soon! Hope your day goes well, and that the son keeps shining all day long without too much heat!
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4am I was in the land of nod at that time

You must be a night owl
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Sorry I've not been around for a while - the logic board on my laptop has died the inevitable death and I had to sort my desktop to finally work wirelessly!
Thank you for thinking of me!

Poor Pete! It seems Izzy just knows the exact moment, that he won't appreciate a conversation!

Oooh, saw some of the England players in town the other day - couldn't see much through the crowds and wasn't leaving my drink in the beer garden! Saw Peter Kaye too!

Lovely weather today and I'm off to the Classic Car Show (and Auto Jumble) today! Should really be preparing the picnic, but wanted to stop by!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and sunny day!
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It's 1:42am, here in Sunny HOT, sizzling HOT, I might add, Los Angeles, California. I need to go to bed soon. I am depressed, because my Vacation, or Holiday as you say in the UK, is over, and I have to go back to work on Monday morning, at 12am Pacific time, which is just short of 24 hours from now. I'm not ready to go back to the grind from another years time.
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Glad everythings ok Sar. Sounds like you had a good day Saturday I watched the footie, not much of a test tho' for the team. Have ordered my England shirt

I tried to go wireless last summer...well i tried and tried and spent a lot of time on the 'phone (premium rate), days later and much swearing the **** still wouldn't work. So we sent it back

Well done for fixing it up
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Good morning!

It's 6:45am on Sunday morning and I'm up and ready to leave.

I'm going to volunteer to do security for a big bike tour. So I'll be standing at a street corner all morning keeping cars from going on the path of the tour, etc.
Once the people are done going by, I get to do the rest of the tour. Which means I'll be doing 35km (22 miles). And this is actually the first time I ride my bike this year. Getting ready for some really sore muscles tomorow!
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Good morning everyone!, it's 8:25am here, I was a little slow getting out of bed this morning but as always Reilly was asking me to get up and give him hugs and kisses.

Jeff's sisters wedding went off without too many problems yesterday, they were planning a beautiful outdoor ceremony but then a bad thunderstorm rolled in and we had to move everything inside (I'll post a pic or 2 in the "wed" thread)

Today I'm going to visit my parents, my cousin from Victoria BC has come to visit and I haven't seen him in 5 years so I'm really looking forward to seeing him again!

Have a great day everyone!
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It's 7:53 Am here as I type. We're having our annual Printer's Row Book Fair this weekend, and I had a blast yesterday. Three friends came down andhung out... I bought WAY too many books [will need more file boxes to pack them]. And since my apartment is right next to the fair [big advantage for me being a book lover... could never live anywhere else in Chicago... hence why I'm moving 2000 miles away... that and other reasons]. So, I'll be back out today... I did my splurge on paperbacks at one dealer... so now I'm going to play and chat up the other dealers... maybe buy a few more... but I'll certainly behave today [well, I'll try]

I will also head up to Evanston this evening for a BBQ with some friends...

Where did this social life come from, anyway? Sheesh.

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I feel so lazy, I got up about an hour ago at 8.30 and only because Magnum pawed my head although I haven't quite worked out what he wanted yet.

We are thinking about a picnic somewhere as the weather is nice - not the weird rain but warm anyway we had yesterday and not the sizzling days we had during the week

Other than that, just NOT looking forward to another week at work and feeling for Hope because its terrible having to go back for a whole year after vacation time
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Morning/afternoon/evening to all!! It is about 8:55 am right now, and have been up about 25 minutes. Seems to be pretty nice out, and looks like it may rain-which is ok I guess, because it hasnt rained for awhile. I dont have alot planned today, besides grocery shopping(yippy!) and going back to the bridge to search for my moms cat again. Hope everyone has a super day!!
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Well 12:19 pm here. Woke up about a half-hour ago. I sure needed it. I had to work 42 hours in the past 3 days. body hurts like i just worked out for like ever.

Anyways...DH got up with the kid So I could sleep in. Good times.

Today I plan on grocery shopping. We have like no food. It's depressing. Also thinking about what to make for supper. What are you all having? Any suggestions before I head off to the store?

Umm...Yep, shopping and cleaning. That's about all today.
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Woke up and7am and 4th day of pouring rain. Went back to sleep!
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Left for work this am at 6:50!!! The one horride task on one site was done in an hour then off the my other site to roto-till and planted 22 hostas (all $$ for me as I used all my own hostas-yipee!!) BUT got a hugh sliver in the "meaty part" of my left hand which may cause some problems as I am left handed. Watched "The Producers" on DVd -too long I took a 20 minute nap. Now here enjoying some Mike-aritas!!! A fairly easy work week starting tomorrow!!
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afternoon yall. i have been playing catch up on house work and having to try to sort through a major family problem been kinda depressed past few of days and have been fighting with DH for 2 days. and trying to figure out how i am going to get from here to kansas to pick up my boys nest weekend . i hope everyone is having a better weekend than i am
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I worked from 11-3:30 at one subway and from 3:30-7 at a different one today. Tonight we are watching school of rock.
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Just had a nice relaxing day here, I stayed in all day! Did laundry, did dishes, did some reading, enjoyed my coffee out on the deck and loved on Sash as usual. It was a very nice cool day here with no humidity, I loved it! Now just enjoying time on TCS with everyone!
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The day has gone rather slowly and I am looking forward to leaving work in about half an hour to go home and clean. Oh my, did I just say I am looking FORWARD to cleaning, I HAVE lost it. Lol. I am just ready to go home and love my sweetie up. After reading a few threads of cats being hurt, dead, or sick...I need to squeeze my kiddo tight. I always have withdrawals when I'm at work!!!

I am so glad most everyone's day has gone swell, hope it continues in the same fashion!

PS---This is going to sound dumb, but what does DH stand for. I know it's some term for your husband. I used think it was someone's hubby's name, but now I see other's using the term for their husbands as well. So, yes, I'm out of 'the know'...please fill me in!
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I didn't even get home, until 11 a.m. Took a long nap and woke up, just before 4 p.m. Since then, I've just laid around, played some games and talked to Bruce on the phone.
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Originally Posted by Sanctie
PS---This is going to sound dumb, but what does DH stand for. I know it's some term for your husband. I used think it was someone's hubby's name, but now I see other's using the term for their husbands as well. So, yes, I'm out of 'the know'...please fill me in!

I believe it stands for dear husband.. I'm not terribly sure myself.

We went shopping today. I got a pedicure, honey got a haircut. We replinished cat supplies, ate dinner, and came home to enjoy a relaxing night.

Hope all is well with everyone this week! Have a fantastic week everyone!
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