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Kiki got a new toy today!!!

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I went to the pet store today and I found these little fake mice. I decided to get two of them and I gave one to Kiki went I got home. She has been playing with it for about an hour now. She loves it. This is the first real toy that I have bought that she likes. All the other ones she has not taken any interest in. I only gave her one for now because I figure she will lose it before too long. She likes to take stuff and hide from me. :tounge2:
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I have the same problem with my cat. She doesn't seem to like any of these cat treats: toys, catnip, or other food treats. The one thing she really likes is a good old fashion bouncing ball. That keeps her going for hours... It's good exercise too!
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My cats LOVE the fake mice. I've bought them like 10 already, and they always seem to loose them. They are so facinated by them and they will play with them for hours.
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Whenever I buy Snowball a new toy, he plays with the packaging the toy came in instead. He's acting just like a little kid when he does that!!
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Xavier loves the fake mice. In fact I buy them in bulk because he loves them so and he always loses them. The other cats are kind of interested in playing with them but he attacks them when they go near "his" mice and then runs off with the mouse.
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I've been trying to find some toy that Ivo would like. I've bought cat dancers, dangly feathers, robotic noisy moving toys, even the turbo scratcher. Yesterday, I finally bought her a furry mouse with a feather tail and she LOVES it. She carried around with her, and when she wasn't playing with it, she was grooming it! If I'd known earlier, I would have bought those instead of all the other dust-collecting toys.
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Sydney is crazy about fake mice !! the smaller they are , the better !
He plays mice-ball with them . Kicks them around and in the end , he looses them under the couch ..... . Every friday is party time for him then , because on friday , we move the furniture to vacuum !!!
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Theo likes the fake fur mice. He literally tosses them into the air and plays catch. Purrboy will cuddle them, but isn't much interested unless Theo is playing too.

Mr Lucky, now, could care less about the mice, but there is a Skipper doll of my daughter's that he loves. He will dig it out of her toybox and roll all over it as if it was covered in catnip. And you know, he's not at all interested in any of the other Barbies.

I love my cats, but there sure are strange little creatures!
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