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Dat Cat

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I have a "dat cat" or maybe he's a cog.......

Not sure which, but he loves his dogs.

This is Toe Man, the cat.... sleeping with Emma the lab mix. emma loves him..... Her leg is laying on him. All my cats love emma. Angie curled up to sleep against her belly when she was kitten..

And this is Toe-Man eating dog food with the dogs. Emma, Molly and Muffin. As you can see here he is bigger than my dauchaund.

These dogs are so spoiled that if I put them ot to potty and it is even slighly sprinkling, they won't leave their doghouse. I have had to drag them out to pee because they keep holding it and holding it. They don't like their feet wet and this was one of those days...........

Toe Kitty must have some sort of personality disorder. He's not sure what he is. I've had him the longest...... But I have several cats who eat the dog food.....with the dogs.

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aww they are all so cute!
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Too cute!! Lovely fur family ya have
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Toe Kitty rocks! That's great they all get along so well.
LOL about the dogs not wanting to get their feet wet!
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Toe likes pedigree better than cat chow.......
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My cat Pushkin has been known to steal dog treats. He has no feline pride, he'll eat anything!
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Oh how cute is that!!??? LOVE IT!
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hehe, it looks like they all get along great!
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